Contract Risks and Contractor Performance Management Course

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1 07 - 09 Apr 2020 Jakarta Register
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The responsibilities for ensuring work is delivered as outlined in the contract are primarily strategic rather than operational and are influenced by corporate policies in areas such as procurement, quality assurance and financial regulation. The expectation is that all its employees responsible for contract and contractor management have knowledge on contractor selection, deployment, and monitoring against contract compliance.

The work carried out by the contractor may bring in new or additional risks into the employer’s workplace and hence appropriate controls need to be implemented to ensure no harm or liabilities incur in the company site  operations .

This workshop sets out the theory and best practices in developing strategies, and defining management responsibilities and implementation procedures for the management of risk and performance from the use of contractors.                                                                        


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

Is to enhance your capability and competence in how:

  • To manage contract risk (and contract related risk) and providing a mechanism to identify, evaluate, track and manage risk events, drivers, and impacts. 
  • To provide extensive performance monitoring and management functions including the ability to identify, evaluate, track, and manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other criteria.


  • All staff/employees responsible for contract and contractor management
  • Other line staff (users) who have objective to enhance their capability in defining and developing contract compliance.
  • Guide to the control of contractors
  • Procurement of contractors
  • Risk management solutions
  • Development of reporting capabilities to provide stakeholders with an effective view of risks, supporting material, and associated mitigation plans
  • Defining performance criteria and specific performance requirements for any contract 
  • Reporting on vendor performance as management information


Types and Management of Risk

  • The Need for Contractual Relationships
  • Defining Risk
  • Categories of Risk for Both Sides of a Contract
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Managing Risk
  • Qualifying Suppliers
  • Defining Internal Control
  • Proportionality of Control

Dealing with Financial Risks

  • Controlling Risk Associated with Payments
  • Currency Risk
  • Economic Risk
  • Fraud and Corruption
  • Limiting or excluding liability
  • Distinctions between liability in contract, and the general law
  • “Gross negligence”
  • A review of some sample clauses from standard contracts, and other real documents

Performance Standards

  • performance monitoring
  • Establish alerts to provide notification when performance conditions are not met.

Procedure for the control of contractors:

  • Management and staff roles and responsibilities
  • Management arrangement

Contract risk management: 

  • structured approaches to managing risk
  • Risk management strategies
  • hierarchy of risk responses
  • Risk financing
  • Risk management programs
  • Developing KPI (Exercise)

 Contractor Performance Management

  • Key features and Benefits
  • Contract Management Challenges
  • Assessing risk from sub-contracting
  • What if payment is disputed.
  • Effective Contract Performance Management
  • Monitoring contract performance