The Essential Leadership & Management Skills Course

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Successful leaders and manager are individuals who practice both strong management skills and effective leadership skills. Leadership skills are not the same as management skills. Strong management skills can be gained through experience and practice. Leadership skills can be learned and leadership qualities can be developed.

This program will help participants to develop new leadership skills to complement those to be successful a managers. The program focuses on leadership and management competencies required for project managers to manage their teams effectively and deliver projects successfully.


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Mastering of implementing project management methodologies
  • Leveraging advancement in technologies as applied in useful project management
  • Optimize the the collaboration tools and techniques
  • Achieving their strategic goals to improve their project success rates


The program is appointed supervisors or group leaders; employees, promoted from the ranks to leadership roles, who have yet to receive “people skills” training; accomplished employees earmarked for leadership.


The Essential of Leadership: Vision, Influence & Character

Developing a Leader

  • Individual Leadership Development
  • Leadership Styles and Agility
  • The Mindset of a Leader
  • The Leadership Values
  • Top Leadership Behaviours

Interpersonal Leadership Skill

  • Active Listening
  • Aggressive, Passive , Assertive-ness
  • Developing Empathic Attunement
  • Engaging in Collaborative Behaviours
  • Coaching for Better Performance

Organizational Leadership Management

  • Managing Change within the Organisation
  • Impacting Organizational Culture
  • Enhancing Leadership Influence
  • Being An Enabling Leader
  • Developing Organizational Commitment and Meaning

The Leader’s Network

  • Stakeholder Relations
  • The Network Weaver Roles
  • Network Management
  • Network Growth Indicators
  • The Principles of Public Engagement

The Management Essentials: Effectively Communicate, Delegate & Manage Priorities to Achieve Management Success

The Foundations of Management

  • Understanding the ‘big picture’ of the working environment
  • Making the transition into management: new skills, fears and expectations
  • What Managers Do? Key competencies and behaviours
  • Personality and impact on management style
  • Identifying your management style
  • The mistakes new managers make and how to avoid them

Performance Management

  • A focus on Continuous Improvement
  • The role of performance management in organisations
  • Communicating team purpose and clarifying personal contributions
  • Establishing SMART objectives and measure them
  • Planning, prepare  and conducting successful performance reviews
  • Management behaviour and outcomes

Motivating and Engaging your People

  • Building trust: a critical in managing effectively
  • How to give feedback: a tool for development and progression
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Coaching for personal and team success
  • Communication skills for coaching and management
  • How to Motivate and your people

Managing Priorities and Delegating Deliverables

  • What are my key deliverables?
  • Managing Time Effectively
  • Delegate to motivate
  • Communicating with impact
  • Personal management SWOT analysis
  • Action planning for future improvement


  • Interactive workshops.
  • Practical on-the-job application.
  • Reflections  Online resources and activities



The Essential Leadership and Management Skills is designed to help participants define the differences and the commonalities between project management and leadership. Participant will learn about;

  • Practicing leadership skills in managing projects, including interpersonal communication skills, negotiation skills, influencing skills, and team building.
  • Managing team to motivate and inspire.
  • Transforming the individuals to be successful project managers and effective leaders.


Practice & Simulation of Leadership and Management Skills

Post Test; Lesson Learned and Evaluation

Commitment and Action Plan