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Assertive Communication, Excellent Work Behaviour and Proactivity

When goals are set and decisions are taken in any organizational setting, it often falls to different levels of managers, supervisors and team leaders to mobilize, motivate, direct, and work with other staff to achieve the set goals.

12 - 13 Apr 2017, JAKARTA



Assertiveness Skills: Communicating with Authority & Impact

Those who communicate with assertiveness, rather than passivity or aggression, are more likely to maintain positive workplace relationships while meeting their goals.

30-31 March 2017, JAKARTA



2017 Petroleum Secretaries Learning Forum: Self Development & Empowernment

It is crucial in today's business environment that petroleum secretaries are aware of all the latest development of Indonesia petroleum industry to provide effective support to those whom they are working for.

29 - 31 March 2017, JAKARTA



The Senior Secretary Development Programme

The Senior Secretary holds a key position of influence and a powerful partnership with the senior management team. Success in this role has a direct effect on the success of executive operations.

15 - 17  March 2016, JAKARTA



Finance & Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries

This seminar provides an introduction to finance and accounting for those who have no prior knowledge of this business area.

22  - 24 March 2016, JAKARTA