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Advanced Negotiation Skills : Mastering Negotiation Skills

In today business environment, competition is fierce and you need all the tools you can get to enable you to gain a competitive advantage. This course has direct application for complex transactions in your professional life, right through advanced negotiation skills. This skill is interrelated to perform effectively in daily job.

13 - 14 July 2017, Jakarta



Business Process Analysis & Modelling

Improving business processes is on top of the agenda for chief and senior executives. This requires a solid understanding of current and future business processes and their alignment with business objectives. Business Process Management System  (BPMS) is an integrated set of concepts, methods and tools surrounding the definition, implementation, execution and improvement of business operations.

18 - 20 July 2017, Jakarta



Introduction to Upstream Business Process & Practice in Oil & Gas Operations

The course leads participants through sessions of material covering exploration through appraisal, reserves recognition, development and production to the sales transaction point. Key terminologies and concepts are developed using numerous examples. Attendees will lean fundamental petroleum geology and exploration principles which provide the foundation for drilling, reservoir development and production concepts.

19 - 21 July 2017, Yogyakarta



Essential Leadership Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals

When professionals are given new leadership and management responsibility, their success depends on how quickly they learn people-oriented leadership and managerial skills to complement their expert knowledge. In this program, participants will gain the key skills, best practices and behaviors of effective managers—leadership, delegation, motivation, empowerment, communication and vision—as well as powerful techniques for getting the best from people.

20 - 21 July 2017  ,Jakarta



Mini MBA: Oil & Gas and Energy Management

Drafting of contracts is essential to bridge a negotiation or agreement with a specific purpose or a common goal. Preparation of the contract is defined as a process to produce an agreement. Before a deal or agreement is established, the bargaining that resulted in conformity of the will, which is called negotiation.

24 - 28 July 2017, Bandung