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In-House Training Offer

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01Warehouse Basic Physical Count TrainingDownload PDF
02Warehouse Basic Physical Count Training (Effectivitas Cycle Count and Accuracy Stock)Download PDF
03Transformation Leadership DevelopmentDownload PDF
04Time Management & Personal EffectivenessDownload PDF
05Taking Initiative & Proactive LeadershipDownload PDF
06Strategic Thinking & Balance Scorecard (BSC)Download PDF
07Strategic Human Resource ManagementDownload PDF
08Smart Time Management, Work Simplification & Managing Multiple TasksDownload PDF
09Risk Management in WarehouseDownload PDF
10Purnabakti (Retirement Program)Download PDF
11PSC Oil and Gas Upstream OperationDownload PDF
12Project Management in OIl & Gas Projects (EPC)Download PDF
13Project Leadership, Management & CommunicationDownload PDF
14Procurement ManagementDownload PDF
15Problem Solving and Decision MakingDownload PDF
16Presentation SkillsDownload PDF
17Personal Effectiveness TrainingDownload PDF
18Oil & Gas ManagementDownload PDF
19Office Safety TrainingDownload PDF
20Modern Secretary & Administration Professional SkillsDownload PDF
21Lean Management TrainingDownload PDF
22Leadership Development Program for ManagersDownload PDF
23Leadership and People Management for ManagersDownload PDF
24Leadership & Decision MakingDownload PDF
25Human Resources Management for Non-HR ManagersDownload PDF
26Essential Skills for Workplace CommunicationDownload PDF
27Employee Character BuildingDownload PDF
28Developing Effective Scope of Work & Contracting StrategyDownload PDF
29Corporate Value InternalizationDownload PDF
30Advanced Practicing of Operation, Commercial and Financial in Oil & Gas Upstream BusinessDownload PDF
31Warehouse and Inventory ManagementDownload PDF
32Vision AlignmentDownload PDF
33Understanding Financial Statement for Non Finance ExecutivesDownload PDF
34Train the Trainers for Senior Management TeamDownload PDF
35Train the TrainerDownload PDF
36Time Management & Stress ManagementDownload PDF
37The Essential Roles of Supervisors in Managing and Developing PeopleDownload PDF
38Team DevelopmentDownload PDF
39Team BuildingDownload PDF
40Supervisory Skills for ManagersDownload PDF
41Supervisory Management SkillsDownload PDF
42Strategic Human Resource ManagementDownload PDF
43Situational Leadership SkillsDownload PDF
44Service ExcellenceDownload PDF
45Service Excellence for Pramubakti & SecurityDownload PDF
46Self Management SkillsDownload PDF
47Sales & MarketingDownload PDF
48Project ManagementDownload PDF
49Project Leadership for Newly Appointed ManagersDownload PDF
50Problem Solving & Decision MakingDownload PDF
51Performance Management and Appraisal SkillsDownload PDF
52Officer Development ProgramDownload PDF
53Motivational LeadershipDownload PDF
54Modern Office and Filing Management SystemDownload PDF
55Leadership Skills in Transforming the Company Core ValuesDownload PDF
56Leadership Skills for Managing Greater Business PerformanceDownload PDF
57Leadership Development Program for ManagersDownload PDF
58Leadership Development for Branch ManagersDownload PDF
59Leadership & Emotionally IntelligenceDownload PDF
60Intermediate Management TrainingDownload PDF
61Implementing Audit Techniques to Prevent and Detect FraudDownload PDF
62HRM for Non HR ProfessionalsDownload PDF
63Financial Management & Audit for Finance PeopleDownload PDF
64Export Import, Shipping and Customs ProceduresDownload PDF
65Excellent Personal Brand & Administrative SkillsDownload PDF
66Essential Technical Writing SkillsDownload PDF
67Effective Leadership SkillsDownload PDF
68Effective Leadership and Management Skills for SPV EngineersDownload PDF
69Effective Communication & Leadership SkillsDownload PDF
70Corporate Value Induction ProgramDownload PDF
71Contract Management for Construction ProjectDownload PDF
72Communication Skills for Support UnitDownload PDF
73Communication & Negotiation Skills for SecurityDownload PDF
74Communication & Negotiation Skills for Project EngineersDownload PDF
75Communicating Skills with Customers & ClientsDownload PDF
76Coaching & Mentoring ProgramDownload PDF
77Coaching & Counselling ProgramDownload PDF
78Budgeting for ManagersDownload PDF
79Behavioural InterviewDownload PDF
80Behavioural & Mindset TransformationDownload PDF
81Basic Management SkillsDownload PDF
82Apprenticeship Development ProgramDownload PDF
83Achieving Excellence in Customer ServiceDownload PDF