Accounting For Non-Accountants Course

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Peserta Pelatihan


Manager and Staff marketing, operation, engineering, procurement, HRD, public relation (PR); Researcher, Investor yang bergerak dalam bisnis pertambangan, migas, bank, dan lembaga keuangan bukan bank.

Metode Training


  • Intensive and participative lecturing
  • Case study
  • Discussion
  • Effective team work with real experience learning
  • Brain Storming

Materi Pelatihan


  • The basic business decision.
  • The process of value creation
  • The context of finance analysis
  • The business system and Accounting Cycle.
  • Investment decisions
  • Operation segments
  • Financing segment.
  • Financial statement
  • Balance sheet.
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Management decision area
  • Funds flow cycle for manufacturing
  • The fund of cycle for sales
  • Performance measures : CGS,  gross margin, profit margin, EBIT, Contribution Margin Analysis,Asset turn over, ROA, ITO,ROE,EPS, DPS,PER, Market to book ratio.
  • Financial budgeting : Payback period, Discounted payback period, NPV, IRR.
  • Integrating financial analysis
  • Case, discussion and answers