Six Sigma Fundamentals Course

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Six Sigma is a management approach to make business excellence with quality rate 3,4 defect  of a million opportunity. Essentially is reach “ nearly perfection ” in line with progressively increases of customer’s demand.  Six Sigma implementation at exhaustive hole organization will give bottom is line for firm.


Six Sigma is not only at implementing as tools in trouble-shooting process to increase performance firm, but as strategy and philosophy in business. This strategy drive firm for everlastingly do continues improvement at all level and all division on business in achieving operational superiority.



After follow this training, expected participant can:


·         Understanding concept and philosophy of six sigma in increases performance firm business

·         Understanding top and weakness in six sigma's implementation

·         Understanding five trouble-shooting stage processes DMAIC

·         Understanding successful factor in Six Sigma implementation

·         Understanding requirement for Six Sigma's organizing and implementing

·         Understanding infrastructure to apply Six Sigma culture change

·         Can design six sigma implementation strategy at corporate


Who Should Attend ?

·         Manager, Supervisor, Superintendent, section Head, Forman, Group Leader.


Course Content

·         Six Sigma & Competitiveness

·         Why firm are need implement Six Sigma?

·         Six Sigma implementation at corporate

·         Goals & Metric

·         Improvement methodology with DMAIC Cycle

·         Define Phase: Defining Business Performance and Improvement Opportunity

·         Measure Phase: Measuring Process Performance and Variation

·         Analyze Phase: Performance analysis and Cause Source Identification

·         Improve Phase: Implementation and Improvement Strategy Evaluation

·         Control Phase: Managing Performance's achievement and integrating the system



Interactive presentation, case study, discussion, analysis, and reporting presentation