Creative and Analytical Thinking Course

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Creativity is an organization’s driving force as it drives innovations and fuels growth. But, creativity does not happen by chance. In order to be more creative and innovative, ones need to understand their process as well as to use and apply techniques for developing new points of view, generating new ideas, and solving practical problems.

Whether you are part of a team or leading a workforce, you have the capability to help set your team up to be a more creative and innovative. This highly interactive program provides you with a range of creative problem solving, creativity, and innovation tools and techniques. It includes exercises that allow you to generate quality ideas. Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples to solve with a broad range of techniques.


After completing the program, participants will be able to:

·         Understand the principles of creative thinking and its process

·         Use a range of creative thinking tools and techniques to generate innovative ideas and solve problems

·         Not only develop your own creativity, but also help others access theirs

·         Enhance productivity, make strategic planning, and improve team effectiveness and efficiency

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to identify problems, generate ideas, or participate in implenting plans of action.

Course Outline

·         Creativity and innovation in business

·         Benefits of a creative approach

·         Encouraging creativity and innovation

·         The difference between creativity and innovation

o   Cycle of innovation

·         Breaking through thought patterns and assumptions

o   Right and left brain thinking

o   Identify our creativity level

·         Enabling creativity

o   Techniques to develop creativity

o   Identify ways to further develop creative thinking

·         Methods and tools for generating ideas

o   Brainstorming

o   Reverse brainstorming

o   Mind maps

o   Metaplanning techniques

o   Identify when best to use each idea generation technique

·         Logical vs. Lateral thinking

o   The difference between logical and lateral thinking

o   Appreciate our strenghts

·         Creative problem solving

o   Creative problem solving techniques

o   Using the problem checklist

o   Applying to work related problems

·         Action plan

o   Turn creative ideas into action