Professional Presentations & Public Speaking Course

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This training is intended for both novices and seasoned professionals seeking to improve their communication, presentation, and public speaking skills. This workshop provides fun, dynamic, and engaging training fundamental to ultimate success and achievement. While assessing existing communication skills we focus on fundamental aptitudes critical to effective communication, and our workshops are conducted in an interactive and hands-on format and approach.




By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Speak & think with greater clarity and purpose, stress key ideas
  • Face audiences with confidence and control, and make the most of your own natural speaking style
  • Shape and organise your public speaking and presentations to persuade listeners and get the response and results you want
  • Conquer fear of public speaking and negative stress
  • Increase awareness of how to avoid making common presenter mistakes
  • Make your performance skills, your sense of humor and your own personality work for you
  • Give impromptu and prepared presentations to the class and receive personalised feedback and coaching



Anyone who wants to build confidence and overcome the fears associated with public speaking. Business professionals will gain the skills to clearly and effectively present materials to teams, organizations, or public groups



Elements of a presentation

  • Content, design & delivery
  • Developing a strong opening and closing
  • Communication venues

First impressions

  • Creating an immediate impression
  • Controlling nervousness
  • Building rapport with the audience

Creating a stronger presence

  • Presenter’s stance – your posture speaks loudly
  • Using gestures to clarify and enhance the message
  • Body language doesn’t lie

Presentation practice 1

  • Presentation on posture and gestures
  • Instructor feedback and group discussion

Eye contact and facial expressions

  • Using eye contact to build confidence and rapport
  • Painting the picture with gestures
  • Discussion and role play

Presentation practice 2

  • Prepared presentation
  • Private individual coaching
  • Individual written evaluations by instructor

Creating compelling speeches

  • Hooking the audience
  • Identifying the critical need
  • Presenting the key ideas concisely
  • Explaining the payoff
  • Calling for action

Identifying your goal

  • Informing
  • Persuading
  • Motivating
  • Entertaining

The skill-building cycle

  • Determining your baseline public speaking skills
  • Taming fears and increasing confidence through practice and preparation
  • Leveraging your own personality and style
  • Increasing your awareness and abilities by evaluating other speakers
  • Integrating audience feedback to fine-tune your delivery

Engaging Your Audience

  • The speaker as a visual aid
  • Directing the audience’s natural eye movement
  • Moving dynamically within the presentation space

Engaging the entire audience with effective eye contact 

Synchronizing gesture to the verbal message

  • Connecting with the audience
  • Designing sticky messages
  • Using the building blocks of persuasion
  • Using the persuasion “formula”
  • Closing the deal