Selling Technique Coaching and Methods in Boosting Sales Performance Course

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Successful Selling is a highly practical sales training course, which uses varied sales training techniques to give participants the skills and knowledge they need in the workplace. Interactive learning, group exercises, personal action planning and a host of great tips, all equip participants to make a real difference to sales performance.


This selling skills training course will develop the participants’ skills, behaviours and confidence to enable them to sell to client needs and develop long-term relationships. The training aims to provide participants with a range of selling tools and techniques that will enable them to adopt a confident consultative and solutions-based approach when selling.



By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • be an exception rather than an average salesperson
  • understand buyer behaviour
  • refine their sales techniques face-to-face and on the telephone
  • overcome objections in a positive way
  • close sales conversations with confidence
  • create, manage and maintain profitable customer relationships
  • develop effective plans to maximize sales revenue
  • develop an action plan to win more sales.


This course is ideal for anyone seeking intermediate level sales skills training. The majority of participants attending our sales skills courses are either in full-time sales or business development roles, or are required to sell as part of their role.




Achieving Sales Success

  • What will you gain?
  • The sales process
  • Sales success
  • Where are you now?

Preparing To Sell

  • Understanding your buyers
  • Who is buying?
  • Buyer motivations
  • The buyer decision making and evaluation process
  • Preferred buying styles
  • Acquiring product knowledge
  • Structuring your sales pitch
  • Making your pitch

Using Effective Sales Technique

  • Six steps to sales success
  • Getting off to a great start
  • Asking productive questions
  • Making the buyer feel comfortable
  • Identifying constraints and 'must haves'
  • Listening and learning
  • Showing confidence
  • Selling the benefits
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing the sale
  • Negotiating and discounting
  • Link, cross and up-selling
  • Using effective sales techniques: top 10 tips

Selling On The Telephone and Via E-mail

  • Preparing to receive sales calls
  • Converting enquiries into sales
  • Cold calling
  • Initiating sales calls
  • Sales emails

Creating Profitable Relationship

  • Earning your reputation
  • Building your brand
  • Your website
  • Data harvesting
  • Capitalising on customer data
  • Key account management

Planning to Increase Sales

  • Preparing a sales plan
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Developing your sales plan
  • Lead times
  • Planning to succeed

Improving Your Performances

  • 20 ways to improve your performance
  • Developing an action plan


  • Interactive workshops.
  • Practical on-the-job application.
  • Reflections  Online resources and activities


Practice & Simulation of Selling Technique and Methods in Boosting Sales Performances

Post Test; Lesson Learned and Evaluation

Commitment and Action Plan