Marketing Strategy for Sales Professionals Course

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Good marketing and sales are keys to a successful business. When done properly marketing produces leads, sales and happy customers that will boost your brand’s equity.  While marketing focuses on strategies that can measure and improve your reach and promotional efforts, sales relies on effective planning skills and interpersonal interactions.


Whether your aim is to market or sell, the programs will help your sales and marketing team to optimize your results. Participants who attend this program will acquire knowledge and skills adopted by leading marketing and sales professionals around the world, from developing strategic marketing plans to learning techniques to increasing success rates and profitability.


This hands-on, exercise driven program teaches skills that boost sales and profitability through an increased understanding and implementation of the need-satisfaction sales process.



By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

Ü Understand the reasons behind buying and selling.

Ü Explore the differences between the sales and marketing functions and the sales person's role.

Ü Learn the qualities of a successful sales person.

Ü Learn how to prepare and plan for a client meeting.

Ü Why people dislike being sold to and how to avoid the wrong approach.

Ü Learn a comprehensive step by step sales process from prospecting to closing.

Ü How to use the phone more effectively to gain appointments. (Mind Mapping)

Ü What is it customers want. How do we empathize with them (Body Language)

Ü Effective questioning skills/Effective Listening skills.

Ü The fundamentals of good presentations.

Ü How to deal with objections to buying.

Ü The basics of negotiation process




Field Sales and Marketing Team, Sales Administration and Management Professionals, Marketing Officers and Supervisors, Personnel working Distribution Department



Introduction to Sales and Marketing 

}  Pre-Test (Assessment)

}  Introduction and Objectives & Ground Rules

}  Assessing Your Selling & Marketing Skills

}  Marketing concepts : 4Ps marketing mix model

}  Differences between marketing and selling


Marketing for Sales Person

}  Understanding the marketing environment

}  Various marketing analysis techniques: 'PEDSTLE' analysis; 'SWOT' analysis; Customer analysis; Competitive analysis

}  Marketing planning:

}  Basis of market segmentation B2C and B2B

}  Criteria for successful segmentation

}  Market targeting

}  Market positioning

}  Brand Management and Brand Equity


Selling Skills: Sales Person Development

}  Achievement Motivation, Yes I Can Attitude & Never Give Up.

}  Positive Attitude & Sales Mindset Management

}  Creative Thinking & Innovation

}  Communication Skill, Negotiation Skills & Active Listening


Understanding Customer

}  Understanding Customer Behavior

}  Understanding Customer Needs

}  Understanding Customer Buying Process



}  The concept of prospecting & Qualifying the prospect

}  Methods of prospecting: Cold Calling, Referrals, Networking, Webinar, Directory.


Customer Interaction & Analyse Needs

}  Customer Interaction: First Impression, Greeting, Approach The Customer

}  Communicate with Customer: Communication Process, Verbal / Non-verbal, Active Listening.

}  Customer Interactive by Telephone & Messenger


Deliver Message & Offering Solutions

}  Product Knowledge

}  Features, Advantages and Benefits

}  Demonstration & Trial


Handling Sales Objections & Negotiation 

} Listen Carefully; Agree with them; Separate the Objection; Propose a Solution; Answer the Objection; Confirm your answer


Closing Sales Techniques

}  1-2-3 close, Affordable close, Alternative close, Assumptive close, Balance-Sheet close , Best-Time close, Bonus close, Demonstration close, Emotion close, IQ close.


Increase Value of Transaction & Handling Complaint & Customer Loyalty

}  Offering Alternatives; Add On , Up-Selling , Cross Selling

}  Key Account Management (KAM)

}  Taking Feedback

}  Follow-Up

}  Issue Resolution

}  Complaint Handling


Sales Negotiation Skills

}  The principles involved in successful negotiation

}  Sales negotiation process