Telemarketing Skills and Motivation Course

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This  training will equip you with the skills to make telephone sales so that you can make telephone sales more effective and can carry out your duties professionally (Effective Telemarketing Skills)

Selling is a communication process between the seller and the buyer. In general, this process occurs when face to face. Sales made without going through face-to-face will tend not to be easy, this usually happens when sales must be made by telephone or Telemarketing. Indirect sales through telephone media require special skills in the use of sentences and tone of voice (Telemarketing Skill)

This training will equip each participant with the skills to make sales made over the phone.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Provide an understanding of the entire process along with the steps needed to carry out the telephone sales process (Telemarketing Skills)
  • More effective telephone sales  (Telemarketing Skill)
  • Prepare telemarketing to carry out their duties professionally (Telemarketing Skill)


    • Sales, employees, and professionals in the marketing field


    • Telephone sales concept.
    • Prepare sales by telephone.
    • Design sales strategy by telephone.
    • The use of persuasive sales sentences in telemarketing scripts
    • Script application techniques and sales time management
    • The technique of preparing mentally before selling over the phone.
    • Persuasive technique in the first 10 seconds
    • Build a positive rapport during the sales process
    • Techniques for responding to prospective buyers' questions.
    • Techniques for asking “5 yes” questions
    • Probing, Supporting, and Confirm Selling Techniques
    • Telephone sales confirmation technique
    • Handle customer's kind of emotion over the phone
    • Practice Telemarketing Therapy
    • Practice Customer Management for Telemarketing
    • Telemarketing does and don'ts
    • Strategy to get referrals.