Effective Leadership Skills for Managers Course

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It is often said that too many businesses are overmanaged and underled, which is not to say that managing is bad; rather, it implies that managers often get bogged down in the daily process of managing and neglect the fine art of leading.


What is the difference between leading and managing? How can you make room for both of these critical functions in your role with your team to ensure that you will all achieve the very best and most productive results? What does leadership look like – or what could it look like – at your job every day?


This program was designed  to  create a powerful, three-day Effective Leadership Skills corporate leadership training workshop to equip you with the strategies and techniques to become a highly successful leader as well as an exceptional manager. Our experienced senior management instructors will guide you through a hands on, intensive process of activities, role plays and case studies to help you recognize the difference between managing and leading, so you can take advantage of the creative leadership opportunities that present themselves every day.




By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the difference between leading and managing, and how they compliment each other to build highly successful teams.
  • Assess your own leadership skills and identify areas for personal growth.
  • Learn the characteristics of the four behavioral styles so you can understand the needs of your team members and know how to work with and bring out the best in each one.
  • Learn how to practice effective communication skills when interacting with employees regarding new goals or program initiatives.
  • Develop strategies for involving employees in the long-range vision and problem solving process.
  • Learn proven delegation strategies that will open up more blocks of time for you to focus on developing new goals and strategies for your team, while at the same time empowering team members to higher levels of achievement and fulfillment.




Managers, Prospective Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Senior Staff  who inspires to his or her transform leadership roles to become an excellent achiever.




  • The principles of leadership
  • How people lead and influence others
  • Types of power leaders possess
  • Techniques for developing power
  • Attributes of effective leaders
  • Who does the leader serve



  • Principles of motivation
  • Motivation techniques to use with your team
  • Factors affecting motivation


Relationship Management:

  • Building productive relationships with others
  • Techniques for influencing others
  • Techniques for building rapport with different personalities
  • The concepts and importance of communication
  • Preferred communication channels, methods, and styles
  • Verbalizing expectations in a clear manner
  • Breaking down barriers to create effective communications


Decision Making, Delegation, and Problem Solving:

  • Decision making elements
  • Making decisions with confidence
  • S.M.A.R.T. outcome criteria
  • Delegation principles
  • Proven problem-solving approaches
  • Common pitfalls in effective decision making


Performance Management:

  • Effective performance management
  • Leaders' responsibilities for evaluating, reprimanding, and counseling staff
  • Preparing for performance management discussions
  • Conducting performance management discussions
  • Evaluating performance expectations objectively


Other Important Leadership Skills

  • Professionalism: character, composure, commitment, communication, competence and caring
  • Empathy: connecting and building rapport, understanding others and valuing strengths
  • Optimism: enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and teach, and resilience
  • Partnership: collaboration (vs. competition), creating synergy and teamwork