Emerging Leaders Program Course

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Transformation is taking place globally at an exponential rate. This calls for unique leadership skills to address the complexities, uncertainty and unique challenges to be faced, as well as embracing the myriad opportunities to enhance the capacity of universities to achieve their stated vision and strategy in the medium to long term.

This program is designed for leaders to strategize and innovate more creatively while equipping employees with tools to independently problem solve. This combination cultivates a more creative, productive, profitable, and successful team atmosphere.




 By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

·         Increase team innovation

·         Unlock Ideas, talent, and productivity

·         Successfully guide change initiatives

·         Master strategic thinking and alignment




Participants will typically come from executive and senior management positions across both the academic and professional services who eager to overcome thought patterns and increase capabilities to innovate aligned ideas.




Leading Self

  • Complete a leadership assessment
  • Discover your role in your organization
  • Develop a personal vision
  • Develop mentoring skills
  • Learn to be coached and how to coach others
  • Develop emotional intelligence

Leading Others

  • Engage and inspire employees by setting an example and planning for success
  • Use leadership assessment results to create a plan for self-improvement
  • Better engage, motivate, inspire and delegate
  • Improve your ability to expand networks and relationships
  • Develop negotiation skills

Leading Organizational Strategy

  • Think strategically about your organization and plan for growth
  • Learn to develop high-impact strategies
  • Achieve growth by strategically engaging customers
  • Plan and develop actions to lead change


Leading Beyond the Organization

  • Recognize your role in society and lead outside the organization
  • Better understand governance accountability and transparency
  • Learn the frameworks for identifying, assessing and implementing risk management strategies
  • Discover the value in corporate social responsibility
  • Discuss lessons learned and moving forward


  • Interactive workshops.
  • Practical on-the-job application.
  • Reflections  Online resources and activities



Advanced Leadership Development is designed to prepare and equip executives for their professional leadership progression. This program is to facilitate positive and meaningful impact within the institution, region, and international area.


Practice & Simulation of Advanced Leadership Development

Post Test; Lesson Learned and Evaluation

Commitment and Action Plan