Effective Managerial Skills for Middle Management Course

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Successful people managers are able to recognize and mobilize the talents of the people they work with. The ability to lead and inspire individuals and teams towards optimal performance is a crucial factor in reaching the desired personal and organizational goals.

Many people when given the new role of "manager" have never actually been trained for their new responsibilities.

This program offers an opportunity for team leaders and managers to acquire insights, explore leadership & people management concepts, and examine actionable strategies for building the kind of leaders and people managers who are capable to enable their employees to deliver their optimum performance. 


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Develop strategies to address the challenges facing new managers today

  • Identify your leadership and management strengths and areas to improve

  • Build a cohesive team that works together to achieve objectives

  • Manage, lead, inspire, motivate and develop their subordinates effectively

  • Understand the basis of human relations, behavior, and motivation, thus adopting the most appropriate strategies when dealing with people.

  • Select and apply the most suitable leadership styles, motivation tools, communication strategies  when dealing with people

  • Commit with the role of a people manager


This training is suitable for team leaders and managers.



  • Orienteering

  1. Opening & Introduction

  2. Learning Objectives and Expectation

  3. Personal Leadership Best Experience

  4. Leadership & People Management Skills

  5. Inventory & Assessment

  • The Foundation of Leadership & Management

  1. Nature of Leadership & People Management

  2. The True Measure of Leadership

  3. The Characteristics of an Admired Leader

  4. The Roles of a Manager and a Leader

  • The Character: A New Paradigm for Leadership & Management Growth

  1. Character Principles in Leadership & Management Effectiveness

  2. Today’s Leadership & Management Challenges Needing Character Qualities

  3. Personal & Professional Character Qualities

  • Emotional Intelligence of a Leader & Manager

  1. Understanding Self

  2. Driving Motivation

  3. Managing Self and Emotion

  4. Developing Empathy

  5. Developing Social Skills

  • The Leadership & Management Behavioral Styles

  1. Self Leadership & Management Styles

  2. How the Leadership & Management Styles Impact Others and Where They Need

  3. Motivational Tools in Managing and Leading People 

  • The Five Best Leadership Practices

  1. Challenging the Process

  2. Inspiring a Shared Vision

  3. Enabling Others to Act

  4. Modeling the Way

  5. Encouraging the Heart

  • Communicating Effectively in Leading People

  1. Communicating with Multi Cultures and Generation Teams

  2. The Active Listening in Effective Communication

  3. Communicating Clearly & Persuasively

  • Assertiveness in Effective Communication

  1. Elements of Assertive Communication

  2. Assertiveness for High Impact Communication

  3. Assertive Communication Behaviors

  • Delegating & Empowering Effectively 

  1. Principles of Delegation & Empowerment

  2. Expanding Circle of Influence

  3. Mastering the Art of Delegation and Empowerment

  • Developing High Performance Team

  1. The Five Dysfunction of a Team

  2. The Development of a Team 

  3. The Collaborative Team Development

  4. The Six Keys to a Winning Team 

  • Motivating People for Excellence

  1. Motivation for Achievement

  2. Understanding Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation

  3. Recognition and Constructive Feedback: Keys to Motivation 

  • A Leader as a Coach and a Mentor

  1. A Coach versus a Mentor

  2. The Roles of a Coach and a Mentor

  3. Fundamentals of Coaching and Mentoring

  4. Coaching and Mentoring to Boost for High Performance

  5. The Five My in Mentoring