Strategic Leadership Course

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A leader's role is not just to define the organization’s strategy. Indeed, the most effective strategies often evolve over time and need not always require a detailed and formalized process. However, defining strategy, even in the broadest outline, cannot be separated from its execution. 

Leaders must drive through the implementation of strategy or else the internal and external forces at play will ultimately drive them. Executing a winning strategy, through teams, individuals, and the optimal use of the organization’s resources is the ultimate responsibility of leaders and top teams. It is also the harsh criterion upon which they will be measured.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Lead by personal example, through personal influence, clarity, and action

  • Have new insights on your preferred leadership style and how you can adapt into how you can lead your teams more effectively

  • Have the vision, values, and purpose of the organization

  • Communicate a vision

  • Be able to empower and motivate

  • Be able in setting and implementing a strategy

  • Improve monitoring, supporting, and performance review 

  • lead diverse teams to manage the task

  • Allocate  more effective use of resources


  • Professionals who are involved in the operational running of an office

  • It is also beneficial for those with some office management experience 


Leadership Inside-Out

  • Being a Leader: Self-Concept vs Self-Image 

  • Leadership Awareness

Strategic Leadership Focus

  • The Power of Focus 

  • Circle of Focus & Control

  • Strategic Focus = Strategic Action

Levels of Leadership 

  • 5 Levels of Leadership

  • Humanistic vs Mechanistic Leadership

  • Understanding Your Team Needs


Systemic Planning & Execution

  • Goals & Value Alignment

  • Managing Priority & Strategy

  • Systemic Action Plan

Systemic-strategic Performance

  • Understanding the Factor of Performance

  • Identifying Your Factor of Performance

  • Key Behavior, How it Leads to Performance


  • Directed vs Self-initiated Performance

  • Obedience or Accountability: Understanding Motivation

Foundation of Coaching

  • Coaching vs Directing; Foundation of Coaching Skills

  • Leading with Questions

Leader as a Coach

  • Measurable Performance & Coaching

  • Using Coaching Skills for Improvement

  • When to guide and not to guide?

Grounded Coaching Approach

  • Basic Coaching Process

  • Defining Key Area of Performance

  • Providing Support and Assistance

Coaching Format

  • Coaching Step by Step for Individual and for Group

  • Do and Don't in Coaching Process for Individual and Group