Strengthening Business Acumen and Collaboration Course

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In today’s increasingly complex business environment, leading organizations recognize superior strategy execution as a critical opportunity. However, the results of this study confirm that many companies are currently constrained by a business acumen gap. 

With a skills shortage in the external marketplace, organizations are challenged to effectively bridge the gap by building these skills internally. Recognizing the risks of on-the-job skill development, companies are increasingly leveraging innovative, direct, formal learning approaches to accelerate results. The research revealed that expert-led lectures, the traditionally favored method, are predicted to become more common. Going forward, business simulations are expected to become increasingly widespread, outpacing other formal learning methods.

However, to maximize impact, companies are best advised to move beyond a short-term approach to business acumen development and directly address skill gaps at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. A long-term, strategic and proactive approach will prove critical to success.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Be more efficient in their work, as they notice the connections within the workplace and the way different contributions affect the different elements.

  • Understand the different trade-offs of actions, which can help make better and more logical decisions

  • Provide more coordinated and logical responses to problems and threats the business might have. Because it teaches quick thinking, you aren’t panicked in the face of difficulties


  • Professionals who are involved in the operational running of an office

  • It is also beneficial for those with some office management experience 



  • Opening, Ice Breakers, Pre-Test 

  • Sharing Experience in Business Acumen and Collaboration


  • Understand the Industry, Competitors, and Customers

  • Porter’s Five Forces Models

  • Unique Value Proposition 

  • Strategy Execution Process


  • Business Driver: Business Acumen and Collaboration

  • Understanding Strategy Map

  • Aligning Scorecards and Structure for Strategy Execution

  • Designing a measurable cause-and-effect framework 


  • Creativity and innovation in Executing Strategy: Concept & Example 

  • Process Innovation  

  • Creating Superior Value by Innovating Internal and External Processes

  • Case studies

CROSS FUNCTIONS TEAM: Get Things Done Together

  • The Dangers of Silosm: Breaking the Wall of Silos

  • Cross Function Teams (CFT) Alignment

  • The focus of the end result: Customer Satisfaction and Company Profitability

  • Case Studies 

Innovation in Business Model & Process

  • Innovation and Customer Focus

  • Business Model Innovation:

  • 1. The profitability impact of business model innovation 

  • 2. Integrating the Value Proposition in the business model  

  • 3. Tool: Business Model Canvas 

Creating a Culture of Innovation 

  • The Process Behind Creating New Products and Services 

  • How (NOT) to kill creativity – managing intrinsic motivation 

  • Do’s and don’ts in the management process 

  • Managing stakeholders skepticism 

Problem Analysis & Decision Making in Strategy Execution

  • Defining complex problems

  • Verifying your understanding of the problems

  • Prioritize the problems

  • Look at potential causes for the problem

  • Select an approach to resolve the problem

  • Making the Decision 

Controlling and Evaluation 

  • Evaluation and communication of the Strategy Execution

  • Feedback to Management 

  • Enforce the applicable control measures

  • Evaluate performance and identify performance gaps

  • Adjusting and corrective actions.