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You can be successful at your job without working 60-hour weeks or going home every night feeling exhausted and frustrated.  The key to being successful without sacrificing your personal ling –and your sanity –is managing your time effectively.

The most common time management problem facing people is that they react to pressures concerning time rather than being proactive and working towards long-term goals. In this program, participants will identify and overcome barriers to effective time management issues as well as learn about proven time management and prioritizing skills which will help determine how much time, energy, and resources are needed for specific tasks and workloads. 


By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Achieve better results through more effective planning and clarifying objectives

  •  Set SMART goals and learn if activities are in fact directed at achieving those goals

  •  Plan and organize work effectively thru priority setting 

  •  Use time management tools more effectively

  •  Delegate and empower effectively

  •  Analyze and distribute work allocated to employees in an organizational unit

  • Commit for an action plan in time management for effectiveness and efficiency


This training is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit all individuals who wish to improve their time management skills.


  •  Opening & Orienteering 

  1. Brief Introduction; Program Goal & Expectation

  2. Personal Best Experience


  • Time Management Overview 

  1. What is time management?

  2. The Benefits of Time Management

  3. Time management at home and work

  4. Conquering the Chaos: The Best Ideas in Time Management

  • Tips for Time Management 

  1. Understand Time Wasters; Time Wasters Activity

  2. Use Time Maximization Tools

  3. Handle Time Pressure

  4. Maximize Your Productivity; Control Information Overload

  • The Power of Prioritization

  1. Understanding Benefits of Prioritization

  2. Steps to Identify Your Priorities

  3. Tools for Setting Priorities; Priority Setting Case Study

  • Goal Setting for Maximum Performance

  1. The importance of goals in time management

  2. Setting SMART goals

  3. Developing long and short-term goals

  4. Aligning your goals with organizational goals

  • Planning for Effective Time & Task Management

  1. Planning for Different Time Periods: Annual Plan, Monthly Plan, Weekly Plan & Daily Plan

  2. Planning for Delegation and Empowerment

  3. Planning for a Meeting

  • Getting Organized for Effective Task & Time Management

  1. Principles of Organization; Organizing Your Work

  2. The information you need for successful time management

  3. Ending Chaos in Your Work Life

  • Managing Workload Effectively

  1. Plan; Prioritize; Organize; Documentation

  2. Help and Support

  • Effective Time Management in Managing Work Stress 

  1. Stress Management Pyramid

  2. Causes of Stress at Workplace

  3. Techniques & Strategies in Managing Stress at the Workplace

  4. Disciplines in Time Management in Reducing Work Stress

  • The Role of Self Management in Time & Task Management 

  1. Understanding Self

  2. Charting Self to Take Responsibility for Success

  3. Skills of Self Management