Mastering Business Negotiation Skills Course

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In today business environment, competition is fierce and you need all the tools you can get to enable you to gain a competitive advantage. This course has direct application for complex transactions in your professional life, right through advanced negotiation skills. This skill is interrelated to perform effectively in daily job. It will share with you a set of useful tips and guidelines that will help you sharpen your practical communication and negotiation skills, setting priority across the various forms of business communication including email, phone and face to face.




By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

·         Integrate, combine and apply a range of value adding negotiation skills

·         Understand and utilise key communication tools to improve your influence on others

·         Improve the results of your negotiations by following key principles and procedures

·         Optimise your pre-negotiation preparation to ensure improved outcomes

  • Improve comprehension and focus
  • Perform better when juggling people and priorities

·         Understand, recognise and manage negotiation tactics and negative behaviours

·         Recognise different behavioural types and learn ways to relate better to others





Supervisors, team leaders, Staff & Administration, Secretary, technical professional who want to maximize their positive impact on others, enrich the quality of their relationships and increase their job effectiveness.







·         Identify the communication styles and how to adapt with people who have different styles

·         Learning to be assertive in communicating with others

·         Body language and  tones on communication

·         Develop an active listening skills

·         Assertiveness  and Interpersonal Skills

·         Provide positive & constructive feedback

·         Dealing with disagreement




Is negotiation about winning and losing?

·         What is negotiation?

·         Identifying different approaches to reaching agreement

·         Reviewing the negotiation outcomes


The negotiation process: Principles

·         Understanding key principles of successful negotiation

·         Examining the negotiation process: An overview

·         Implementing principled negotiation

·         Developing procedures for preparation

·         Uncovering interests and objectives: Finding out what the other party wants and needs; bringing your interests alive

·         Identifying your own and others’ behavior styles in the negotiation context