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Lean Six Sigma Course

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Lean Manufacturing is about creating more value for customers by eliminating activities that are considered waste. Any activity or process that consumes resources, adds cost or time without creating value presents an opportunity for improvement. 

One of the important aspects of Lean is the focus on 'system-level' improvements as opposed to piecemeal improvement. This knowledge, combined with the understanding of how to remove waste properly, is critical for any successful Lean implementation.  

Six Sigma is a tried-and-tested methodology that has helped many organizations to increase profits through improved business efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Compared with other quality initiatives, Six Sigma has the following special features:

Effective management involvement.

Diligent attention to improving business processes.

Disciplined application of the methodology and use of facts.

Strong results orientation.

When both of these proven operational strategies are combined, it simply doubles the operational improvement results.  


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept and principles of Lean

  • Identify opportunities for waste elimination in your organization and reduce wasteful activities

  • Define and explain the concept of Six Sigma

  • Understand the basic principles and purpose of Six Sigma in action as a corporate program for quality.

  • Understand the concept of DMAIC improvement methodology

  • Illustrate  how your organizations can benefit from implementing Lean Sigma business strategy


  • Anyone who wants to achieve operational excellence, as well as anyone who wants to know more about these two revolutionary methodologies and their combined effect


  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Recognize and mitigate the 7+1 forms of waste

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply 5S to improve the layout

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) to quantify waste

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply Littleā€™s Law to understand waiting for lines

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply Lean visuals

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Draw Value Stream Maps and visualize supply chain problems

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Make use of Kanban to streamline communication

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Mitigate bottlenecks and speed up your process

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Optimize cycle times to reduce costs

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Draw and use the QFD House Of Quality to design products and services

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Move from Push to Pull production to reduce waste

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Implement a Just In Time (JIT) production system and minimize your inventory

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply production leveling (Heijunka) and respond to customers faster

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply Poka Yoke and make your products and services mistake-proof

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) and switch production faster

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Apply the Jidoka principle to quickly find abnormalities

  • Lean Six Sigma technique: Improve supply chains