Strategic Human Resources & Talent Management Course

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Strategic Human Resources Management course is based on a proactive approach to the management of people. Using your workplace as the starting point, you will walk through a strategic, competency-based facilitation model of human resource management. You will deal with practical aspects of managing people in the workplace in activities ranging from the assessment of the global environment to the identification of staffing needs and competencies that impact human resource decisions. You will assess the importance of coaching and open communication when inspiring individuals to overcome barriers to peak performance. Throughout the course, you will learn from others in your group as they apply the model to their environment. You will learn by doing and by applying what you learn to your own work environment.


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills that you can use to effectively manage human resources to achieve organizational goals. In order to achieve this goal, you will:

  • Take a strategic approach to human resource management.
  • Assess the global human resources environment in which your organization operates.
  • Forecast the human resource needs of your organization or department.
  • Do a job analysis and competency audit of your organization and/or department.
  • Identify competency gaps in your organization or department.
  • Provide feedback to employees to help them reach personal and organizational goals.
  • Use powerful "coaching" questions to help employees attain personal and organizational goals.
  • Use competency-based recruitment and selection techniques.
  • Manage and motivate employees using the basic principles of strategic human resource management.


This course provides a valuable resource for the following personnel:

  • Executive personnel concerned with legacy and succession planning
  • All personnel desiring enhanced access to career paths reflecting leadership development
  • Engineers or technical managers with interest in the human capital pressures
  • Government and industry counterparts in human capital


Strategic Human Resource Planning

  • How HR can be more strategic in an organisation
  • Different strategic tools and their application

Building Ethical Organisations

  • How to create a transparent and ethical culture
  • The impact of external and internal factors on change

Effective Recruitment

  • Understand the organisations strengths and weaknesses regarding Recruitment and Selection and external elements that affect effective recruitment
  • Understand the impact of a best practice approach
  • Avoid common management pitfalls
  • Plan effectively prior to the interview
  • Attract the right candidates using best practice techniques
  • Plan the interview process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Outline the importance of your communication skills
  • Work within the legal framework
  • Develop your own questioning techniques
  • Structure the interview, including delivering meaningful feedback
  • The use of Psychometric Assessment

Effective Appraisal 

  • Performance appraisal objectives
  • Alternative appraisal methodologies
  • Effective and ineffective appraisals

Assertiveness Skills 

  • understanding the various models

Effective Communication Skills

  • Essential Listening and questioning techniques
  • Maximising good use of Body Language to positively influence

Diversity Issues for HR Professionals

  • Influencing across cultural differences and global business relationships

Identification and Analysis of Training Needs

  • Training and development strategy
  • Analysis of training needs
  • Cost-effective training delivery