HR Management for Line Managers and Non-HR Professionals Course

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Most managers get to leadership positions because they have proven their excellence as individual contributors in their areas of operations and specializations. But not many have had any formal or structured orientation to managing people. Yet, its people who build organizations, achieve results, strategize for growth and bring about change. New to management or a seasoned professional, this Workshop will help in learning and improving the essential skills that an effective manager must master in the arena of Human Resources. The program focuses on various dimensions of Human Resource which have immense utility in both short and long term as following:

  • as a manager the Organization expects a larger role
  • realization that they are the first line HR Managers
  • achievement of results through creativity, expertise and motivation of those in the team
  • People are at the centre of all activities in an organization
  • processes help stretch and leverage for maximizing performancekfRecruitment


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the main functions and strategic role of HR Management in modern organizations
  • Explain the role of the “intangibles” in creating organizational value
  • Show why HR Management is every managers basic responsibility
  • Demonstrate how line managers can add value to their organizations by mastering role of “employee champion” and “talent manager” within their respective departments
  • Show how to practically team up with the HR function  in order to achieve organizational objectives


  • Line Managers
  • HR executives with less than three years of experience
  • Non-HR professionals who are responsible for HR activities
  • Managers and professionals who are tasked with launching an HR department


Human Resource Management: Concept & Practice 

  • Scope of HRM in Organization 
  • Importance of HR in organization 
  • Role of HR in Business 
  • Role of HR in other Function 
  • HR is Friend or Foe 

Basic Concept of Major HR Functions & HR Competencies

  • Core Functions of HR in the organization 
  • Strategic Function of HR in the organization 
  • HR Competency Framework 

Scope of Line Manager in HR Functions 

  • Validation of Statement: Every Line Manager is HR Manager 
  • HR Function in Every Line Function: What, Where, When 
  • Scope of Line Manager in the following areas of HR Function:
  • HR Planning aligned with Business Plan 
  • Talent Acquisition: Strategy & Techniques for hiring best talent 
    • Implementation of Integrated Talent Management 
    • Employee Motivation for higher productivity 
    • Employee Engagement for Better output 
    • Employee Retention for minimizing hidden cost 
    • Creating Employer Brand for attracting competent people 
    • Mentoring for highest performance 
    • Creating Loyalty for better retention 

Performance management

  • Definition of performance management
  • Overview of the annual performance cycle
  • Mistakes in performance management
  • Employee assessment best practices
  • 360 degree versus 180 degree
  • Coaching, counseling and mentoring

Cross Functional Attitude: Competition vs cooperation 

  • The Reason & Impact of hidden war between HR Function and Line Function
  • Chain effect of unhealthy competition between HR & Line Function
  • Benefits & Challenges for Cross Functional Cooperation