Train the Trainer : From Design to Delivery Course

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As the massive restructuring, reengineering and the myriad of changes continue to take place in these uncertain economic conditions, it is the opportune time for organizations to reposition themselves through wise management of training in order to survive and grow.

Training the Trainers Workshop will certainly breathe a fresh insight into how training should be delivered in such a way that it attracts full participation from the training attendees. It covers key areas that prospective trainers have the responsibility in preparing, developing, delivering and evaluating training programs.


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • To identify the training requirements and indicate which of these requirements respond into the Company’s business needs.
  • To distinguish between the task and process elements in the training and development system and indicate why it is necessary to consider both these elements in developing a company-wide training system
  • To understand the adding value of training on a Company-wide basis, their actions in terms of the direct and indirect costs and the impact of training  initiative towards Company’s performance.
  • To prepare an action plan in which they identify how they will become more actively involved in improving the training and development system in their company and the specific steps they will take to implement this plan
  • To deliver the overall training programs with suitable methodology to reach optimum result from the training.
  • To ensure that the training and development programs initiated become adding value to toward business productivity


This course provides a valuable resource for the following personnel:

  • Training Managers
  • Training Supervisors
  • Training Professionals


  1. Orienteering
  • Program Expectation and Program Goals
  • Personal Best Experience in Delivering Training Program
  1. Systematic Approach to Training
  • Training is a business enabled function
  • Business Strategy Alignment
  • Training Cycle and Each Phase of the Process
  • The Benefits of Training
  1. Training Needs Analysis
  • Identify Target Group
  • Explore Group Needs Analysis
  • Assess Individual Development Needs
  • Identify Learning Objectives
  • Estimate Cost
  1. Training Design and Development
  • Training Program Design
  • Explore, Evaluate and Select Internal/External Programs
  • Develop, Customize or Adjust program content
  • Develop Program Delivery and Scheduling
  • Select Delivery Method
  1. Training Implementation
  • Put together Training Plan
  • Program Delivery Management
  1. Training Evaluation
  • reaction oriented evaluation
  • learning oriented evaluation
  • behavior oriented evaluation
  • financial implication upon completion of training and development activities