Warehouse Operations and Inventory Control Course

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Inventories can reach many millions of dollars. You need a good warehouse to store, keep and protect all those millions of dollars. Successful warehouses often employ full-time warehouse managers, but professionals can be hired in to assess your requirements. Tracking all movements and gives insight into who is travelling where, what's most popular and what changes would improve efficiency. Knowing what you have and how much you have are the keys to proper warehousing management. We will explore the various methods to achieve record accuracy and successful cycle counting. Efficient Warehouse Operation and Management gives a cutting edge to most organizations as it monitors progress through the warehouse. As a result, organizations are constantly trying to find ways to improve performance, productivity and warehouse operations to gain maximum efficiency for minimum cost and overall customer satisfaction. This course as a key part of the trainee participants on best practices for data collection on the physical warehouse infrastructure, materials, inventory as well as defining the strategies required to operate the warehouse. In this course, we will discuss the best and the latest methods to store and protect high value inventories. We will also discuss the best characteristics of a modern warehouse.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the challenges, objectives and functions of warehousing operation
  • Identify the different types of storage and material handling systems.
  • Efficiently control the movement and storage of materials within the warehouse and process its associated transactions
  • Improve inventory accuracy as well as increase storage capacity
  • Manage greater flexibility of warehouse operations by providing a basis for the maintenance of inventory records
  • Develop better skills for housekeeping and safety within the warehouse.
  • Contribute to the profits of the organization by keeping the customers satisfied through the meeting of delivery schedules.



Those involved in warehousing (store) activities, both at the operational and supervisory levels. The course is also appropriate for anyone interested to know more about the interaction between warehousing and other materials management functions (purchasing, inventory control and distribution).




Integrated Logistics and the role of the warehouse in the supply chain

  • Customer service as the starting point of integrated thinking
  • Role and purpose of the warehouse in the supply chain
  • Types of warehouses
  • Analysis of the different warehouse operations: receiving, put-away, picking, shipment, inventory

Decisions about lay-out

  • Systematic Layout Planning: analysis of the flows
  • Practical exercise on layout optimisation
  • Storage systems & Internal transport
  • Case study or Visit of a well performing warehouse

Functioning of the warehouse

  • Review of the four warehouse structures: fixed structure, variable structure, moveable unit, pick-by-line
  • detailed analysis of operational procedures
  • Methods for Order picking
  • methods for inventory taking
  • Location management in a warehouse
  • Case study or Visit of a well performing warehouse

WMS and Cost Control

  • Functioning of Warehouse Management Systems: possibilities and restrictions
  • Data Identification, Bar code & Radio frequency
  • Costs and investment analysis
  • Case study or Visit of a well performing warehouse

Step towards a performing warehouse operation

  • Standard times, Ergonomics & Security
  • Flexibility & Productivity
  • Dynamic priority management
  • Key performance indicators

Steps towards a well performing warehouse operation