Negotiation Skills in Purchasing and Contract Course

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In the business world, negotiations have become a common thing. A business transaction is typically preceded by negotiations, then the business will not happen. Negotiation is like a game where the objective is to obtain the best agreement. Winning the business negotiation becomes a good first step for a company. Therefore, in the business world, a negotiator is a valuable asset. Being a negotiator requires experience and flying hours that have been tested. This workshop is designed to provide strong competencies in the methods and strategies that will result in successful negotiations with people in business. With this training, the employee will be given a briefing of knowledge, skills, attitudes needed to negotiate effectively in order to facilitate the duties and functions of each unit.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Know the importance of planning in successful negotiations

  • Approaches in Negotiations and standards of ethics in contract’s construction

  • The importance of determining, rating, and valuing the issues in a negotiation

  • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses

  • Important issues in various contract clauses

  • Important elements of the final preparation

  • Common negotiation tactics & countermeasures


  • Projects, Contracts, Purchasing, Contract administrator

  • Operations, Maintenance, Quality & Engineering

  • Other company activities expose them or their staff to negotiations with people in the business who want to improve their competency in this critical area of performance.


The Criticality Of Successful Negotiations

  • Negotiation Skillsets

  • Who Wins Negotiations

  • Steps in Negotiation Preparation

  • Comparing Approaches in Negotiations

  • What gets negotiated?

  • Timing as an Issue

The Expert Negotiator Defines Many Issues

  • Payment terms & Progress Payments

  • Transportation issues

  • Pricing issues

  • Warranties & Spare Parts Issues

  • Acceptance terms

  • Liquidated damages

  • Training

Valuing Issues for Both Sides

  • Rating & Issue Types

  • The total cost of ownership considerations

  • Negotiating Contractor Contingencies

  • Economic Price Adjustment Clauses

  • Standards of ethics in purchasing and contracting conduct

  • Assess Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Evaluating your position

  • The 4 forces of negotiation

Defining the Negotiation Objectives

  • Determining initial positions

  • Negotiation objectives diagram

  • Negotiations planning forms

  • Impact of other Influences

  • Pre-negotiation Exchanges

  • Final Preparation

  • Determine strategies

Common Negotiation Tactics & Countermeasures

  • Ending Deadlocks in negotiations

  • Undermining Techniques

  • Delaying Action

  • Questioning Tactics

  • Negative concessions strategy