Logistic Management Course

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Logistics is an essential function in any organization. A well-designed and well-executed logistics planning can streamline business operations, promotes a good flow of supply chain, and can minimize delays. Which is why it is imperative for businesses to invest in training that can enhance their logistics and procurement. 

This training will build your understanding of the complexities of logistics management and planning through introducing the processes used, including outsourcing, network design and distribution center management. Through developing knowledge of the tools available, the obstacles in the process, and the outcomes that can be expected, participants will understand the resources required to achieve significant savings while maintaining great customer service


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Build a working understanding of logistics principles and expose students to the language of logistics

  • Understand the process of logistic management Manage capacity in procurement 

  • Manage Customer Relationship 

  • Understand Procurement & Inventory Management Understand Warehouse Management

  • Have a new perspective in Global Logistic Operations Understand Reverse Logistic and Sustainability

  • Understand current challenges faced by logistics management professionals and provide a basis for thinking through these challenges

  • View logistics as more than an operational function that passively executes a plan, but as a strategic function that creates value and competitive advantage

  • Master production scheduling

  • Conduct transportation planning

  • Understand basic and advanced demand forecasting methods (Trend and seasonal data)

  • Perform safety stock calculations

  • Perform tracking and tracking technologies

  • Differentiate techniques 

  • Conduct material, distribution, and capacity planning


  • Supply chain & logistics practitioners and beginners looking to learn and improve their craft.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to set up a supply and logistics business

  • Retail outlet owners looking to properly structure their supply chain and logistics management system


Demand Management

  • Forecasting Methods

  • Capacity planning

  • Customer Order Process 

  • Practicals on Excel 

  • Accounting for Forecast Errors.

  • Material management planning

Materials Management

  • Stock Function

  • Material Management & Transportation

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Kanban Cards

  • Lot Size (Economic Order Quantity, EOQ)

  • Safety stock

  • Consolidation techniques

  • Load factor

  • Route planning. (The sweep method)

  • Route planning. (The savings method)

  • Network optimization model

  • Terminal Management

  • Tracking & Tracing

  • Transportation (Pricing)

Procurement & Collaboration

  • Procurement Process

  • Types of procurement

  • Incoterms

  • Procurement of Materials (Financial Considerations)

  • Suppliers Evaluation Criteria

  • Negative Effect of Supply chain

  • Co-operations

  • Collaboration Concept

  • Resource Utilization. 

  • Product Supply Chain Strategies