Managing Warehouse in the Future Course

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This training course will examine how the effects of the Coronavirus will force us to manage, and think, differently about warehousing.  We will have been through an experience that we have not encountered before where warehousing, part of the supply chain, has suffered due to shortages and, at the same time, excessive demands.  Using examples from worldwide experiences this course will produce some solutions as to the future; not only should such an event occur again but also a different way of operations, then organizations will be more able to cope with the unpredictable. 



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Examine the implications of supply and demand to warehouse operations

  • Understand how the stock is linked to the organization’s operations and activities

  • Analyze the changes that have to be made to key areas of warehouse operation

  • Succeed in improving operations

  • Understand the right cost and service balance in order to survive and grow


  • This course is designed for a broad sector of the organization as an understanding of warehouse operations is key to the organization's growth in the future.

  • Warehouse managers and supervisors

  • Procurement executives

  • Finance managers

  • Management staff

  • Supply chain managers


  • What is different now?

  • What lessons can we learn from recent pandemic experiences?

  • Supply and demand analysis

  • Understanding where warehouses fit in the supply chain

  • How should procurement change to improve the warehouse function?

  • How should we change the culture in the future?

  • Ensure the warehouse helps to manage cashflow

  • We should be collaborating more with customers, suppliers, and even competitors

  • How customer and supplier relationships can be improved

  • What delegates can gain from attending the course

  • Assessing Competence