Financial Planning in Retirement Course

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This course is designed for anyone who currently has, or will have in the future have, savings goals. Learners will come to understand the importance of compounding growth, the variables that impact setting goals like retirement savings, and how much money you need to save now to reach future goals. The course will help learners think through individual goals, like retirement, but also how those goals fit into your bigger financial picture. For example, saving for retirement, buying a home, and funding college for your kids all at the same time. The instructors will also cover how preparing for emergencies can prevent the derailment of those financial goals. The concepts covered in this course are broad but through the activities offered, learners will see how to apply what they are learning about saving money for the future to their lives now. T



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify your unique pre-and post-retirement financial priorities

  • Understand the retirement income options available

  • Apply the planning tools that will assist you in reaching your financial goals

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence required to communicate with financial and/or other institutions

  • Discern the benefits and implications of earning post-retirement income

  • Achieve and enjoy a rewarding retirement


  • Professionals who are planning to retire in the near future


Financial Planning

  • Important elements of a financial plan

  • Cash flow statement

  • Net worth statement

  • Setting goals

  • Implementation

  • Working with advisors

The Investment Management Process

  • Investment objectives

  • Investment asset classes

  • Strategic asset allocation

  • Diversification

  • Investment solutions

Estate Planning and Risk Management

  • Planning the will

  • Death and taxes

  • Powers of attorney

  • Insurance options