Entrepreneurship for Retirement Preparation Course

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This course has been prepared with a view to raising the awareness of the costs required to live comfortably during a person’s retirement years and suggests that some of the required funding needed to enable a comfortable retirement could come from some form of entrepreneurial effort made by the individual. The course goes further to outline opportunities that could be available to the student with respect to starting an at-home business, showing methods by which extra income can be made.

This course targets anyone of working age (Seniors too) who does not already have an activated strategy in place to provide for his or her own comfort in retirement. Actually, taking this course may be the catalyst for many to not only prepare for retirement financially, but it could be the kick start to a great new life direction offering a lifestyle only dreamed of by the student prior to course commencement.

The course content includes:

  1. Lectures on entrepreneurship and the way entrepreneurs think, different from the way employees think

  2. Information relating to the costs of being retired A vision for what your retirement could look like if you were financially secure

  3. Options for and discussions of different kinds of businesses that could be undertaken from within one’s own home

  4. A lecture on the pros and cons of operating as both a sole proprietorship and as an incorporated business and the timing for when a person should consider incorporating

  5. Lectures on opportunities to initiate independent consulting activities

  6. A checklist of solid online money-making ideas that could generate significant online incomes.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need to prepare for retirement and know business options that will help them get there

  • Understand what it will cost them annually (in overview) to be retired

  • Understand in overview how much they will receive from the government annually for standard pension amounts during their retirement years

  • Review a list of "online money making ideas" that they can use to earn additional revenues from their home business

  • Better decide whether to operate as a sole proprietorship or as a corporation with additional knowledge gained on when it does make sense to incorporate


  • Anyone concerned about their financial requirements during retirement should consider taking this course

  • Anyone interested in operating an at-home business to earn an additional income should take this course

  • Anyone wishing to understand the true cost of retirement and what awaits a person financially on reaching retirement should consider taking this course

  • Anyone starting a home business who is trying to figure out whether or not to incorporate or operate as a sole proprietorship


Understanding Retirement

What retirement should be

Entrepreneurship Ideas

Forms of Entrepreneurship

Ways to Make Money Online With Zero Budget

Making Money Online With Some Budget Available

What It Takes to Be a Consultant

Corporation or Proprietorship?

Consulting Pros and Cons

Online Affiliate Marketing - A Good Online Revenue Source

YouTube Content Creation - Where Do You Make the Money?

Making Money at Blogging

Money Making Ideas Checklist