Energy Isolation Course

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Energy Isolation is designed to cover the OSHA standard to ensure that workers are protected from injury due to unexpected release of energy during equipment maintenance and startup. Participants will receive an introduction, for affected and authorized workers, to the Energy Isolation Standard, the types of energy sources, potential hazards, and how to control them. The course will provide authorized workers with step-by-step procedures for isolating equipment using such techniques as lockout tagout, lockbox, blinding, misalignment, double block and bleed, and single valve isolation. It emphasizes each employee’s responsibilities during those procedures using practice exercises and simulations.

·         Demonstrate familiarity with the principals of Energy Isolation

·         Demonstrate a basic understanding energy sources

·         Demonstrate a basic awareness of procedures standards and practices

·         Understand the need for implementing Safe Systems of Work

·         Understand common terminology related to isolations and control

·         Understand common energy hazards

·         Understand the differences between Best Practice and Minimum requirement for Energy Isolation

·         Understand the purpose, principles and practices of isolation procedures and safety rules – for their own role, and for others involved in the operation of isolations systems and the legal issues associated with same

·         Identify Primary Isolation practices versus Positive Isolation practices; including where and when each is used. Also understand industry terms associated with these objectives.

·         Identify the different pieces of equipment used in positive isolation including where and when they should be utilized

·         Describe the Roles and Responsibilities with achieving safe and reliable process isolation

·         Prepare for shut down, isolation, and start up of machines and equipment

·         Shut down and isolate machines and equipment.

·         Start up machines and equipment following shut down and isolation.



·         Legislation, company and individuals under the ACT

·         The purpose of isolations

·         Introduction to Energy Isolation (Electrical)

·         Safe Systems of Work

·         Safe working practices

·         Electrical Isolations and Techniques

·         LOTO requirements

·         Earthing requirements for isolation

·         Issues/problems associated with Electrical Isolation

·         Documentation, Instrumentation, Control and Associated Mechanical Systems

·         The types of energy sources including stored energy

·         Responsibilities of Lockholder, Authorised Persons and Isolation Leaders

·         Mechanical Systems, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Potentially Explosive Energy

·         The Individual Isolation Procedure

·         The Group Isolation Procedure

·         The Authorised Removal of a Personal Padlock

·         Isolation Breaches

·         Isolation Summary

·         Practical workplace isolation assessment (manage the isolation process, shutdown, isolate, verify, reinstate) on two systems.