Confined Space Entry Course

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A Confined Space Training course is designed to provide awareness of confined space entry hazards and procedures for operating company and contractor personnel involved in controlling entry to confined spaces and rescue procedures, combined with practical training in entry and escape

Working in or around confined spaces can be a hazardous task. Training for emergency scenarios in confined spaces aims at empowering workers and employers to make life-saving decisions if an accident occurs.

To handle yourself properly in a confined space accident you need to have in-depth knowledge and practical training. Confined space training will provide you with the necessary tools and hands-on experience to ensure safe working practices and standard operating procedures.



Gain a basic level of understanding on the legislative, company requirements, recognizing hazards and gases, pre-entry requirements, safe working codes of practices, use of breathing apparatus and gas testing devices, emergency evacuation procedures and rescue techniques.


·         Introduction and definition of Confined Space

·         Hazard recognition and assessment

·         Code of Practices - Safe working in Confined Space

·         Roles and Responsibilities

·         Pre-entry consideration / condition of entry

·         Safe work procedures - JSA, PTW, Isolation certificate

·         Requirements for PPE

·         Emergency / Evacuation procedures

·         Initial rescue strategy

·         Search and rescue practical

·         CPR and resuscitation