H2S Safety Awareness Course

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Management and handling of work using H2S must be carried out by competent personnel and handled by professional and credible. H2S training is needed for all employees involved in oil & gas exploration, production, and refining as aguide to working safely around H2S. Companies employees and management must be aware of the nature and characteristic of H2S.

The H2S Training Program teaches how to recognize H2S and Its possible risk to occur in the work area and determine the control measures needed to work safely with H2S 


The aim of this course is to provide all courses candidates with a firm understanding of the hazard & effect of H2S, gas detection system, protection system and safe operating procedure in H2S area. Includes being able to use types of gas detector, breathing apparatus that will be used in H2S area and rescue procedure in poisonous gas operations.

Participants :

  • Understand the health effect of H2S gas
  • Are able to identify hazardous gasses at work
  • Are able to make safe work procedures with H2S gas
  • Are able to determine the correct APD in handling H2S gas
  • Are able to control situation if H2S gas exposures occurs
  • Are able to do first aid if H2S gas exposure occurs
  • Are able to take measurement and interprest data from H2S gas measurement
  • Undrstanding their duties and responsibilites as an officer handling H2S gas hazard


  • Introduction to H2S gas charateristic
  • H2S rules and regulation
  • azard and Risk of H2S
  • Hazard area identification
  • H2S Protection System and PPE
  • Safety Permit and Inspection Program
  • SCBA
  • Gas Detector
  • H2S Hazard Control and Prevention in the work Place
  • Emergency preparedness and rescue technique
  • First Aid