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Hazop and Simop Course

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This training is intended to provide knowledge and understanding of the study method of hazard and operability (HAZOPS) in facilities. The discussion will begin with terminology related to HAZOPS, Hierarchy of Hazard Control, and Layer Of Protection Analysis / LOPA.

The main discussions in this training are guide words, flowcharts, HAZOPS format, and process, as well as documents required for HAZOPS. In addition, several Hazards Identification methods will be reviewed, such as what if, check list, even tree analysis, fault tree analysis, etc.; as well as the rules and division of tasks within the HAZOPS Team. “Simultaneous Operations” or SIMOPS often occurs when much major multi-disciplinary work and/or workforce activities are working in one location and are close together, or whenever major construction or maintenance work is being carried out within the "live" process area of ​​an existing facility. The risks associated with such simultaneous operations can be enormous and potentially dangerous. Therefore, all coordination of operations in drilling (Oil and Gas) must be handled between the platform and the personnel involved for the safety of all personnel and assets. In such cases, it is imperative that all relevant and involved parties come together to develop an appropriate hazard and risk management plan.

By learning to identify possible project SIMOPS situations at an early stage of project development and operation, trainees will be able to discern possible situations that could lead to operational delays, or worse, cause serious damage or injury to construction and operations workers.

In general, after participating in this training, participants are expected to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Hazard and Operability Study and also SIMOPS.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Have knowledge and ability to understand and apply concepts
  • Able to carry out hazard analysis and risk assessment in the workplace with methods/techniques
  • Able to develop a company risk and hazard control system.
  • Understand what is included in SIMOPS and its methodology
  • SIMOPS Management Overview
  • RASCI's Needs
  • Implications of Hazard and Risk Identification
  • SIMOPS initiation, planning, and implementation process
  • Change Control or MoC in SIMOPS
  • SIMOPS work permit system


    • Professionals and Employees in Oil & Gas Industry


    • Introduction to HAZOPS
    • Terminologies of Hazard, Safety, and Operability (hazard, danger, risk, failure, incident, accident, near miss, etc).
    • Safety Thinking (identify, consequences, probability, prevention, safety code, cost, etc)
    • Hierarchy of Hazard Control (elimination, substitution, engineering control, administration, PPE, etc).
    • Layer Of Protection Analysis / LOPA (basic process control system, alarm, safety instrumented system, relief system, etc)
    • HAZOPS Terminologies (node, intention, deviation, cause, consequence, safeguard, action, etc)
    • HAZOPS Guide Words (more, less, reverse, no, other than, relief, ignition, maintenance, corrosion/erosion, human factors, etc)
    • Document Tool for HAZOPS (PFD / Process Flow Diagram, P&ID / Piping and Instruments Diagram, legend & symbol, etc).
    • HAZOPS Flowcharts & Formats
    • HAZOPS Process (Terms of Reference, Scope of Work, Timing, Team Membership, Preliminary, and main HAZOPS, etc)
    • The Role of HAZOP Team (team leader, scribe, project manager, operations representative, risk engineering or safety representative, etc)
    • Case Study & Practice
    • Understanding of SIMOPS
    • Management & Planning  of SIMOPS
    • SIMOPS Risk Management and Control Work
    • Documentation Requirements for SIMOPS