Distributed Control System Course

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Recent trends in globalization, mobile devices, remote operations, and system integration are blurring the lines between distributed control systems (DCS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). To complicate matters, some vendors position their products either as DCS or SCADA depending upon the actual application.

This training course has been designed with these recent trends in mind while covering the most important components of a DCS in detail. Emphasis is placed on DCS operation, networking, HMI, and Alarms. Topics of importance to field Engineers and Operators such as Maintenance and Troubleshooting are covered. Finally, the state of the art advanced process controllers and latest trends are also covered.


·         To review sensors, instrumentation, and process control

·         To cover the DCS Organization and operation

·         To summarize the most important Networking, HMI, and Alarm features of DCSs

·         To highlight Maintenance and Troubleshooting procedures and issues

·         To review Advanced Process Controllers in DCSs

·         To cover Latest trends related to DCSs



·         SCADA system.

·         Components, architectures, operation of DCS and its hardware (field devices, remote terminal units)

·         Controller structures.

·         Sequential control and batch control.

·         Control strategy and configuration.

·         Alarms & trending, programmable logic controllers.

·         Data communications and communications network.

·         Device level communication protocol.

·         Design of MMI.

·         System security and implementation.