Financial Forecasting and Modelling Course

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A thorough grasp of the principles of financial analysis is a key competency needed for effective management of a business. This 3-day interactive seminar goes far beyond the typical financial analysis program. It uses both the principles of analysis and the power of Excel® to identify the strategic drivers that can dramatically enhance the shareholder value of your organization. Using Excel®, delegates will:

  • Develop the basics of strategic financial planning
  • Apply the latest financial analysis techniques
  • Use the tools of finance, such as the time value of money
  • Determine key performance indicators in order to manage the drivers of business success
  • Create tools to use within their own business



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key steps in developing a financial model
  • Analyse a company’s annual report identifying key performance indicators in order to understand what the numbers are really saying and make projections of future performance
  • Understand the theory of interest and the time value of money and their applications
  • Develop an Economic Value-Added model to see the organization from the shareholders’ perspective
  • Project the benefit of Capital Investment
  • Learn how to use Excel tools



  • All financial professionals
  • Financial management
  • Department heads
  • Internal auditors
  • Project professionals
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • R&D professionals
  • And anyone who needs to understand the short and long-term financial impact of key decisions



·         Qualitative models

·         Market research approach

·         Delphi method technique

·         Quantitative models

·         The indicator approach

·         Causal models

·         Econometric models

·         Regression analysis: simple and multiple

·         Correlation coefficient and coefficient of determination

·         Time series methods

·         Simple average

·         Moving average

·         Exponential smoothing

·         Expected value

·         Decomposition forecasting

·         Auto regressive integrated moving average

·         Box-Jenkins forecasting


·         Micro and macro factors

·         Forecasting sales

o   Estimating market demand

o   Estimating company demand

o   Developing sales forecast

·         Forecasting cost of sales

·         Forecasting operating expenses

·         Forecasting key assets and liabilities accounts

·         Modeling the income statement forecast

·         Modeling the balance sheet forecast


  • The units, quantity and activity levels
  • The price and cost per unit of activity
  • Pricing strategies

    • Cost plus pricing
    • Pricing: business objectives
    • Pricing: return on investment
    • Expansionistic pricing
    • Price skimming
    • Variable cost pricing
    • Breakeven pricing