Corporate B2B Selling Skills Course

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Between the first meeting to build rapport and the time a salesperson returns to office with signed agreement, plenty of action takes place. You go out to uncover customer needs and match your solution to those needs. You miss out on a deep dive to discover the customers’ aspirations – the inactive and the unknown needs. You need to do that to maximize value for your customer and take the first step to create customer loyalty. People buy from people they trust. Customers’ trust is the cornerstone of Relationship Management. Your conversations with your customers and your ability to deliver on your promise determines how much your customer will be willing to do business with you. That in turn depends on how well you influence your customer. B2B Selling training enables salespersons to learn skills of building rapport, branding yourself, discovering customer needs and aspirations, influencing customers, using social network for B2B sales, building solutions for customers, presenting your solution, handling objections, negotiating deals, closing deals, sales pipeline management, key account management and relationship management.



By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Build rapport and lead masterful sales conversations from beginning to end
  • Use questioning techniques to uncover the full set of customer needs and desire
  • Empathize, sell ideas, insights, and perspectives that influence buyer’s agenda and inspire buyer action
  • Understand buyers, buyer types, and the buying process
  • Close new business with success and high integrity
  • Overcome objections that get in the way of the sale and negotiate for a win-win business
  • Sell on value and reduce price push back
  • Keep your sales pipeline growing by managing skillfully
  • Focus on key players in customer accounts to grow business
  • Manage relationships to build customer loyalty



This program is mainly pointed to:

  • B2B Sales Career
  • B2B Sales team
  • And sales people who deal with their customers in a "Face-to-Face" situation and where they are selling a "considered purchase".



Win more Customer

  • Your personal effectiveness and branding
  • Social – the new player in B2B sales
  • Planning sales calls
  • Developing sales conversations
  • Questioning techniques for deep insight
  • Identifying the buyer, influencer, decision makers, saboteur and champion


Win more Business

  • Empathy Mapping
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Developing your solution
  • Presenting your proposal
  • Handling objections
  • Negotiating to win business


Win more Relationship

  • Closing the deal
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Key account management
  • Relationship management



  • Interactive workshops.
  • Practical on-the-job application.
  • Reflections  Online resources and activities


Practice & Simulation of Corporate B2B Selling Skills

Post Test; Lesson Learned and Evaluation

Commitment and Action Plan