Service Excellence Course

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Developed with the most up-to-date service theories, best practices and tools is a must-attend program for those wishing to achieve excellence in the delivery of customer service. This dynamic, interactive and engaging one-day workshop has been designed to equip individuals with the necessary competence and “mindset” to consistently meet and, at every possible opportunity, exceed their customers’ expectations.



·           identify what your organization has to offer customers

·           understand who your customers are, what they need, and what they expect

·           identify the key elements of customer service excellence

·           create a positive impression on your customers and enhance the image of your organization

·           choose appropriate behavior for different customer service situations

·           identify methods of promoting your organization and boosting business

·           review your performance and plan for customer service improvement

·           Manage stressful situations more effectively

·           Give quick & effective response to customer complaints

·           Create an environment that is open to and accepting  of complaints

·           Use a complaint to re-shape the ‘customer experience’

·           Manage attitudes and feelings and remain professional in difficult situations

·           Use complaints to improve your level of service

·           Know when to pass a complaint onto a higher authority

·           How to handle your emotions when managing angry and abusive customers 


Who should attend

This program benefits those responsible for developing, managing, or implementing excellent service in the banking & insurance field.


The course content

Module 1: Service Excellence

  • Service Excellence Defined
  • Customer Expectations
  • The Customer's Perception is Reality
  • How to Impress and even Amaze Customers
  • The Ten Customer Truths
  • Customer Satisfaction Statistics
  • The Dollar Value of Customers

Module 2: The Cycle of Service (plus Video)

  • Quality of Service
  • Moments of Truth
  • The Cycle of Service

Module 3: The Customer-Driven Person (plus Video)

  • Qualities of a Customer Service Professional
  • Importance of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
  • Self-test

Module 4: Service Communication


  • Acknowledging and Greeting the Customer
  • Making the Customer feel Important
  • Responding with Empathy
  • Listening Actively
  • Using Positive Body Language
  • Clarifying the Customer's Needs
  • Communicating Positively
  • Serving and Problem-Solving


  • Telephone Communication Pitfalls
  • Handling Incoming Calls
  • Handling Incoming Calls when busy serving Customers
  • The Five Elements of a Great Telephone Voice

Module 5: Handling Customer Complaints (plus Video)

  • Customer Behavior Classified: Praisers, Patrons, Talkers, Walkers
  • Common Customer Complaints
  • How customer complaints can be used as opportunities to show off your extraordinary customer service to impress them and so gain or retain their loyalty
  • How to win over irate customers and turn them into satisfied buyers
  • Handling Customer Complaints - 5 Critical Steps