Mini MBA: Oil & Gas and Energy Management Course

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The world of Oil and Gas is dynamic and fast changing: price and demand volatility, squeezed margins, complex supply chains, fierce competition, emergence of alternative energy sources. Are you well equipped to face all these new challenges? Do you have the right skills and organizational structure in place? Do you have a clear understanding of the overall sector environment and how to overcome emerging risks? Will you be able to secure your competitive advantage in this turmoil? This program focuses on how to address requirements and challenges faced in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

This Mini MBA in Oil & Gas and Energy Management training course provides delegates with a broader understanding of the key concerns facing the petroleum industry and furnishes them with skills and knowledge to effectively identify and tackle these issues. In depth awareness of the current advances in Oil & Gas project management techniques addressing risk management, planning and scheduling approaches and project finance and economics will ensure a successful management of future Oil & Gas energy projects.



By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key parts of the upstream business and how their combination leads to success
  • Appreciate the important issues facing the industry and the strategies to effectively address them
  • Gain a clear understanding of the companies that make up the petroleum industry
  • Gain insight into the key short-term and long-term management issues facing the oil and gas industry
  • Recognize the strategies being successfully applied by a range of oil and gas organizations along the supply and value chains
  • Appreciate the making and execution of strategy
  • Apprehend the importance of strategy execution and operational excellence to achieve success
  • Gain specific skills in budgeting finance and strategic planning whilst assessing the commercial viability of Oil & Gas Projects
  • Understand the management of resource allocation (money, time, people, technology)
  • Explain the nature and fundamental of Oil & Gas Projects and Project Management
  • Function more effectively and efficiently in today’s competitive Oil & Gas business environment
  • Evaluate the strategic challenges facing the industry and implications for their organization
  • Learn and practice these new skills using case studies, real examples and role plays over 5 interactive and challenging days



  • Senior staff and Managers working within the oil and gas industry at all levels of management who want to gain a high-level strategic understanding of all aspects of the industry, as well as government personnel.
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Professionals who have already done a generic MBA but want to relate those processes to the Oil & Gas industries
  • Managers in industries and professions supplying or serving the industry who would like a deeper understanding of oil and gas.
  • Project managers, Engineers, Supply Planners & Scheduling Professional



DAY 1: The Oil & Gas Industry and Supply Chain

  • Global petroleum reserves, supply and demand
  • The global energy mix
  • Natural gas and petroleum product, specifications
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Field Development & Reservoir Management
  • Oil and Gas Supply Chain Management SCM
  • The Role of Major Network Design Decisions in a Supply Chain
  • Current issues in the Oil & Gas industry SCM
  • Evening Assignment (reading)

DAY 2: Strategic Framing

  • Introduction
  • Communicate like a Leader
  • Know Your Industry
  • Think Strategically
  • Look Ahead for Coming Changes
  • Evening Assignment (reading)

DAY 3:  Strategy Execution

  • Create a Business Model for Strategy Execution
  • Engage Your Most Important Stakeholders
  • Align Your People to Implement the Strategy
  • Plan Strategy Execution through a series of Key Projects
  • Evening assignment (reading)

DAY 4: Project Finance and Economics

  • Economics of Oil & Gas projects
  • Energy Commodities and Markets
  • Energy Investment & profitability studies
  • Project selection criteria and key performance indicators
  • Oil & Gas energy project’s sensitivity analysis
  • Financial performance management in the oil industry
  • Derivatives, Energy Commodities and Markets

DAY 5 : Oil & Gas Energy Industry Strategic Analysis & Leadership

  • Strategic value analysis for competitive advantage
  • Strategic challenges in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Fiscal regimes for the Oil & Gas industries
  • Project evaluation from a strategic perspective
  • Oil & Gas energy risks and opportunities
  • How to be a Great Leader
  • Find your Leadership Style and develop it

Lead Change and Transformation