Public Relation For Secretary and Personal Assistant Course

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Administrative Assistants and Executive Secretaries are the ones who are in the 'frontline' and very close to the highest leaders of the company, both members of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Rapidly growing business demands urged Personal Assistant and Executive Secretary is to understand and have the ability and understanding of Public Relations. Hence knowledge on this subject is important enough to them

Thus, efforts to increase the skills necessary to design a form of persuasive communications and become a PR for the company, which can be done by following an intensive seminar


In order to understand the functions of the secretary of public relations that have a mission and vision of the company to be able to communicate their ideas, implementing the design program, have the understanding and support, with the ability to identify the policies that the purpose of the organization in accordance with the interests of the company.


  • Staff of Relations
  • Division of General Staff (General Affairs)
  • Administrator and secretary who often served as the executive committee of various corporate events.


The Role of Public Relations in company operations

  • Secretary as Frontliner, relations with the public relations function
  • Psychology Public relations
  • Management and code of ethics Public Relations
  • Work Planning PR
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Image Identity
  • Protocol
  • Public Speaking and Master of Ceremony

PR and Communication Skills

  • Importance of communication in PR
  • The PR officer as communicator
  • Exchange of messages
  • Models of communication process
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • Importance of body language in PR activities
  • Definition of effective writing
  • Use of clear language
  • Writing memos, letters

The PR Promotional Role

  • Decision making process of consumers
  • Corporate community involvement
  • Marketing PR (MPR)
  • PR role in marketing
  • Sponsorship and promotions
  • Organizing different exhibitions

Corporate Communications/PR in the Corporate Mix

  • Media Relations best practices
  • Effective event management
  • Developing a crisis management toolkit
  • Hosting VIP visits
  • Protocol in practice
  • Financial PR activities and roles
  • Multinational and global communication challenges