Feasibility Analysis: Technical, Economic, Commercial and Project Financing Course

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1 12 - 14 Aug 2020 Bandung Register
2 02 - 04 Sep 2020 Jakarta Register
3 02 - 04 Dec 2020 Bali Register


The information developed during the conceptualization phase is a point of departure for the analysis of feasibility. The phase of the project development process tests some of the assumptions made during the conceptualization of a project and it is determined under what circumstances a proposed project is feasible. Project feasibility study includes risk mitigation program for a project. When project develops and progresses, an evaluation is mandatory to provides information to secure project outcomes, whether it is proceeding  as planned, whether it is meeting meeting its stated goals and project objectives according to the proposed timeline.

This interactive workshop provides descriptions and ways of choosing appropriate tools and methods to evaluate the economic and financial feasibility of projects, including oil and gas field development projects.


This workshop sets out to facilitate the delegates to be able to:

  • perform project feasibility analysis
  • describe the process of project evaluation
  • describe the steps required for effective project evaluation
  • describe the steps required for effective communication of project evaluation results in that they will be meaningful for the organization
  • establish key performance metrics as monitoring tool and
  • determine attainable performance baseline and project lessons learned from project closure report

Attending this workshop will enable you to:

  • identify and assess risk
  • incorporate risk management in project feasibility analysis
  • use the techniques to perform project feasibility analysis
  • determine the techniques needed to monitor and evaluate project
  • develop lessons learned for the project closure report
  • recommend improvement for your future projects


  • Development Engineers
  • Managers who have to evaluate projects in their department
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officials
  • Asset Managers, Production Engineers / Managers
  • Experienced professionals who wish to refresh the knowledge of the project feasibility analysis and project evaluation
  • Other Service / Support  Departments Professionals who handle project/s and or review feasibility of project/s


Day 1 :Project Feasibility Analysis: Concept and Techniques

  • Functions and Scope of Project Feasibility Analysis: about project investment, and phases of investment planning feasibility
  • Production Aspect Evaluation: defining economics of production
  • Marketing and Market Aspect Evaluation: demand forecasting, sensitivity analysis, competition and external factor
  • Location Planning and Resources Evaluation: selecting location, resources requirements

Day 2 : Project Economics: Capital Investment Decision

  • Investment Decision Making: “Engineering Economy”, making Decisions, The Concept of Interest, Minimum Rate of Return, Investment Analysis
  • Present Worth, Annual Worth, Future Worth, ROR, and Breakeven Analysis Decision Methods
  • Cash Flow and Discounted Cash Flow Rate of Return: Cash Flow, Working Capital, Investment Tax Credit, DCFROR, Exercises
  • Increment Cost Analysis Methods & Replacement Analysis: Investment Analysis When Income or Savings precedes Costs, The Net Present Value Evaluation, The Future Worth of the Cash Flows, Sunk Costs, Replacement Analysis Illustration