Introduction to PSC System in Indonesia Oil & Gas: Conceptual & Practice Course

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1 02 - 04 Sep 2020 Malang Register
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A unique combination workshop on Contractual System to give participants an all-encompassing-insight and knowledge in understanding the integrated and comprehensive aspects of  Indonesia PSC contractual and fiscal term and practice. By moving forward, Indonesia's PSC terms has evolved into a complex contractual system governing risks and rewards inherent in oil exploration and production. Therefore, it is vital to understand the terminology and the system. 

The workshop provides the other dimension of the PSC system to enhance participant's knowledge and skills in  performing various jobs related to the PSC financial,  taxation as well as contractual system. All participants will be highly exposed to the challenging discussion of real-life examples facilitated by experienced practitioner and instructors.



  • Understand the concept and practical knowledge of the Principle of PSC Contractual System and its Accounting and Finance Practice.
  • Understand the process and mechanism of PSC Contractual System as well as Accounting applied in Indonesia as well as various financial issues associated with the PSC Contractual System.
  • Understand how to calculate the share of production and how the incremental costs will effect to the net Contractor



  • Government officials
  • Country managers & external affairs
  • Managers,CEOs & CFOs
  • Tax advisers & fiscal issues planners
  • Legal counsels
  • License administrators
  • Negotiators
  • Executive strategy & planning managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Commercial advisers
  • Accountants
  • Business development & corporate
  • New ventures managers
  • Engineers & geophysicists
  • Lawyers
  • Economists & business analysts



  1. Introduction : Course Overview and Objectives
    • Basic Philosophy of  applying  the WP & B,  AFE and PODcontrol system within the  upstream Oil & Gas business activities in  Indonesia
    • Upstream Oil and Gas Activity(Exploration Licensing, Exploration, Drilling Development, Production and Transportation, Processing and Marketing)
    • Basic Principle and General Procedure and Mechanism of WP & B, POD and AFE.
    • Financial Reporting  & Procedures Manual required to all the PSC & JOB Contractors in Indonesia
    • Regulation Aspect of Indonesia Upstream Oil and Gasand Other Policy related to field development program
  2. Technical Guidelines and Procedures work order: POD, AFE, WP & B (Part 1)
  • Introduction and Discussion on PSC exhibit “C”
  • Calculating  the  Revenue
  • Lifting & Production 
  1. Technical Guidelines and Procedures work order: POD, AFE, WP & B (Part 2)
  • T P
  • Investment Credit
  • Oil  &  Gas cost
  • Cost Recovery
  1. Technical Guidelines and Procedures work order: POD, AFE, WP & B (Part 3)
  • Entitlement
  • DMO
  • Government  Tax
  • Capital & Non capital cost
  1. Technical Guidelines and Procedures work order: POD, AFE, WP & B (Part 4)
  • Exploration & Development cost
  • Production cost
  • General and Admin. Cost
  • Cash  Flow analysis
  • Field  Development Economic
  • Cash Settlement