Strategic Key Account Management Course

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Designed for the experienced account professional in the commercial, consumer, or not-for-profit professional, this program is tailored to help you identify hidden opportunities for improving the health of the account. With a systematic and thoughtful approach, you will learn how to intentionally develop and nurture your account, be it a relationship of revenue goal or both.

For the experienced account leader, this program will provide practical ideas to analyse and engage with your account so that there is momentum to identify new opportunities together.



By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Implement the total process of key account management
  • Focus resources, time and attention effectively in the development of key accounts
  • Demonstrate ability and confidence in managing key accounts
  • Communicate more effectively with key customers
  • Develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships



This course is recommended for all those responsible for managing face-to-face relationships with customers that have a significant impact on achieving the organisation’s business objectives. Even a small improvement in performance will justify attending the training many times over.




Introduction to Key Account Management

  • Definition of the Roles and Responsibilities of Key Account Managers
  • Competency Requirements for Key Account Managers and Taking Stock
  • Comparing Selling and Key Account Management
  • Key Account Management requires Organisational change, It is not just a sales technique
  • Workshop: What defines a Key Account?
  • Penetrating, Expanding, and Protecting Key Accounts
  • Working with Marketing, Channel Management, Operations, Logistics, etc.,

Understanding Your Customers

  • Understanding Buyer Motivation and How You Can Influence It
  • Assessing Client Organisational Culture and It’s Fit with Your Organisation
  • Understanding Your Client’s Key Business Objectives, and Aligning
  • The Use of A Client SWOT Analysis
  • Developing a Competitor Matrix
  • Who’s Who - Determining Buying Roles and Networking
  • How Buying has Changed and Adapting Accordingly
  • Understanding and Reducing the Customer’s Perception of Risk

Best Practices and the Key Account Manager

  • Motivational Theory and Maintaining Great Client Relationships
  • Consultative Selling and Adding Real value to the Client
  • Developing the Client’s Staff as Your Internal Salespeople
  • Managing Complex Accounts with Multiple Decision-makers
  • How to Build and Lead Virtual and Real Teams to Success
  • Setting the Right Metrics - Not Just Sales Volume
  • Maintain Team Focus Ensuring Account Objectives and Key Tasks are Achieved
  • Utilising Modern Technology and e-Business

Developing a Strategic Key Account Plan

  • Designing a Modern Day Account Development Strategy
  • Joint Innovation and Building Value, to also Develop Collaborative Business-to-Business Relationships
  • Creating Customer Dependency
  • Create and Managing a Contact Matrix
  • Getting High-level Buy-in and Support
  • Ensuring All Team Members are Aware of their Roles and Responsibilities
  • Stopping Your Competitors Dead in their Tracks
  • Long Term Focus on Increasing Quality, Revenues and Reducing Costs

Consolidation and Development

  • Investment is Required to Yield Maximum Returns
  • Activity: Opportunities to Use Technology and e-Business
  • Appointing High Level Key Account Management Champions in Your Organisation
  • Win Win Negotiation - The Only Way
  • Activity: Building and Leading a Virtual Team
  • Personal Development Plans


  • Interactive workshops.
  • Practical on-the-job application.
  • Reflections  Online resources and activities


Practice & Simulation of Strategic Key Account Management

Post Test; Lesson Learned and Evaluation

Commitment and Action Plan