WP&B, FQR, POD, PIS, AFE and AFE Closed out Course

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This course is designed to give participants (concentrated for the secretaries and  administrative personnel), an understanding and better picture as to how the AFE, WP&B, POD and FQR which is prepared and compiled in  the  OIL & GAS  companies to  be submitted to SKKMIGAS.

Participant  will be  walked through the steps of AFE descriptions, and  by the same time will be explained slightly regarding the activities of G&G, drilling, OIL & GAS reserves, onshore and offshore, production facilities etc.

Afterwards, the  course will  discuss slightly  on  the Financial and Economics of POD, in relation with all cost incurred in the AFE, WP&B, and FQR, as a Managerial control system done through the “ Budgeting Procedures Manual” that had been set up and published by SKKMIGAS.

The discussion will all be related with the Cost Recovery and the yearly Contractor Share and Government Share respectively.


  • Enable participants to understand the process of preparing the AFE, WP&B, and POD
  • Have a better understanding that those four control system could affect the PSC performance in Indonesia.
  • In general, knows more on the PSC activities in Indonesia.
  • Understanding of  the  entire process and  knowledge of  AFE preparation, Work Program and Budget (WP & B), POD proposal and FQR.
  • Supply the participants with  more confidence to  successfully navigate  intricacies  as of from technical to economical knowledge and compare to other OIL & GAS PSC, and contribute to the overall effectiveness as a control system of their companies effort.


  • General Knowledge

          AFE (Authorization Financial Expenditures)

          . AFE related to Petroleum Industry.  Consists

             of G&G studies, Seismic survey, Drilling and Production

             Facilities, onshore and offshore.

          .  WP & B ( Work Program and Budget )

          .   POD  (Plan of Development)

          .   FQR  (Financial Quarterly Report)

  • PSC Budgeting

             .  Financial Budget included AFE for G & G, Seismic / Survey

             .  Tangible and Intangible cost in Exploratory Drilling and

                 Development Drilling.

             .   Capital and Non capital cost in Exploration,

                  Development, Production and General Administration.

             .  Operating Cost, Depreciation and Cost Recovery

             .   Fiscal Terms in Indonesia

               Abandonment and Site restoration


              Administrative Overhead, Technical Services.

               Interest Recovery


  • POD

               Lifting, Barrel,  MMCF, MMBTU and Price Forecast.

               Gross PSC Revenue, FTP and Investment Credit.

            .   Current Year Cost and Unrecovered Operating Cost.

              OIL & GAS cost.

            .   Budgeted and Year end entitlement.

              Equity share, Conventional and Unconventional PSC.

            .   Domestic Market Obligation.

              Financial Budget  and Financial Quarterly Report.

              Monthly Provisional Entitlement.

             .  Midyear review Budget, Revised Budget and Current


             .  Government Tax Entitlement percentage.

             .  Oil & Gas reserve, OOIP, OGIP, Recoverable reserves.

             .  Trustee Paying Agent.

             .  POD for OIL & GAS by field.

             .  Slightly review of Gas is not Oil, shale gas, CBM, LNG,

                CNG, LPG etc.


Practice & Simulation of WP&B, FQR, POD, PIS, AFE and AFE Closed out

Post Test; Lesson Learned and Evaluation

Commitment and Action Plan