Basic Petroleum Economic and Risk Analysis for Supporting Personels Course

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This introduction to petroleum economics is an engaging and highly motivating course that allows participants to grasp the fundamentals of how an upstream organization works in financial terms and what is needed to become a successful enterprise.



  • Build economic models and perform economic evaluations.
  • Identify, assess, quantify and manage uncertainties and risks.
  • Analyses and forecast the outcome of any exploration, development or operations project.
  • Rank projects and investigate economic robustness.
  • Introduction and exploration prospect evaluations
  • Development project evaluations
  • Risk management
  • Applications of economic evaluations
  • Case studies and group work



The course will be suitable for Geologists, Geophysicists, Petro physicists, Drilling Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers, Costs and Facilities Engineers, Development Planning Engineers, Commercial and Financial Analysts, Lawyers, Managers and any other professional staff involved in exploration and production in the oil industry.



 Financial Reporting & Performance Measurement

  • Introduction to Petroleum Economics
  • The Financial Statements
  • Accounting Ratios & Key Performance Indicators

Cash Flow Analysis and Project Evaluation

  • Cash Versus Profit
  • Introduction to Financial Theory
  • Project Investment Analysis

Economic Models & Spreadsheet Design

  • Economic Models and Spreadsheet Design
  • Calculation of Margins

 Fiscal Regimes

  • Fiscal Regimes

Risk, Uncertainty & Decision Analysis

  • Risk and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Decision Analysis

Corporate Finance

  • Sources of Capital
  • Valuation of Corporate Liabilities
  • Oil and Gas Stock Valuation

Risk Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Defining risk and uncertainty
  • Identifying uncertainties in the Expressing uncertainty – probability distributions

Exploration Economics

  • Probability and expectation curves
  • Expected monetary value (EMV) 
  • Introduction to Decision Tree analysis

Commercial Uncertainties and their Management

  • Market factors
  • Human factors