Discover Technical & Commercial Aspects in Natural Gas Course

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This  course offering technical features of the natural gas processing that includes separation, treating, compression to convert wellhead gas into transportable and saleable product including those related to basic principal of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) that could become important in the future, plus extraction and utilization of LPG and condensate from Natural gas Liquid (NGL) products to increase company revenue.

The Commercial part will give an accurate picture of how to monetize gas from appraisal phase of gas lifecycle started from gas qualification, market analysis, gas price formulation and indexation, government regulation compliance, and typical sales contract term sheet. Our aim is to make the formulation and execution of Gas Monetization strategy as systematic and actionable possible, particularly gas utilization for electricity will specifically be discussed in more detail in the main topic and case study as well. 

Wherever possible, the instructor examine the advantages, limitations, and ranges of applicability of the processes so that their selection and integration into the overall gas value chain including electricity transfer to consumers can be fully understood. Many detailed information, sample problems or case studies based on real world or instructor experience and interactive discussion will be provided most of the time to stress important concepts.


  • Have an understanding of the fundamental of the development, technical operation, and commercial/monetization activities of gas producer.
  • Gain systematic steps of gas processing and understand the purpose of gas processing.
  • Discover types of each steps of separation, gas conditioning, compression, LPG & Condensate recovery, and gas transportation by pipeline, CNG, and LNG.
  • Understand of gas monetization through overall gas value chain including the key factors to sell gas to electricity .
  • Appreciate the importance of technical aspects in gas monetization.
  • Master gas and electricity regulatory.
  • Learn more and discover key terms of Gas Sales Agreement (GSA).
  • Learn instantly applicable knowledge and skills to immediately apply to your job.
  • Network with your industry peers.
  • After the course, all participants will not just bring notes but will bring detailed information, guidance/tools, action plans, real world examples to apply in their job.


Program Benefits

This course is literally designed for engineers/technical people are now handling gas engineering, project facilities, operation production who are curious and eager to explore how oil & gas company generate revenue from natural gas.

  • Asset Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Facilities Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Pipeline Engineer
  • Production /Operation Engineer, Production Superintendent, Production Supervisor
  • Subsurface Engineer

This course will also give great benefits for Oil & Gas Commercial/Marketing, Finance/Accounting, and Legal people who want to discover more Technical aspect and gas utilization particularly for electricity as intentionally picked out for this course.

  • Business Development Manager
  • Gas Marketing Coordinator, Crude Oil and Condensate Commercial Coordinator.
  • Economic Planning.
  • Legal staff
  • Business Analyst staff
  • Liquid and Gas Commercial staff
  • Production Accounting/Budgeting staff.



  • Natural Gas types, sources, and uses.
  • Downstream products generated from Natural Gas Utilization
  • Indonesia gas producers and users



  • Gas Reserve, Deliverability, Composition, and Gas Sales Specification
  • Development Optimization.
  • Gas conditioning & processing technology including NGL recovery.
  • Measurement and Fiscal Metering.
  • Gas transportation technology.
  • Case studies : LPG rich gas development.


  • Gas and Electricity Government Regulations evolution.
  • Target Market, gas value chain analysis, and gas price determination.
  • Gas Monetization Strategy
  • MOU and HOA
  • Gas Sales Agreement Term Sheet.



  • Determine maximum upstream gas price if using CNG and LNG for delivery to the gate of power plant.
  • Gas Monetization for electricity as being a hot topic , Present detail electricity generation principle discussion of how power plant transfers electricity to consumer, including its vital terms such as effect of gas price to basics generation cost (BPP), economic power plant, base loader vs peaker, and specific fuel consumption/heat rate which only few upstream people understand or even never learned of these electricity key terms mostly used in power business, as PLN and IPP will be your largest gas buyer in the near future.