Presentation Design & Delivery Course

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Modern business relies on accurate and timely information. However, business managers and other professionals have very little time to read all the information they receive. It is therefore essential to ensure that important information is written in a clear and concise manner, which makes it easy to read and understand without spending too much valuable time doing so. By helping you build exceptional introductions, coherent content and climactic closings, the course will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the speeches and presentations you deliver, regardless of topic, audience or media used. This practical course is design for participants to learn how to write letters, e-mails, memorandums, minutes, reports and other business documents that are comprehensive, concise, informative and professional.

Further, participants will also learn to design eye-catching, dynamic PowerPoint slides that will complement their manager’s presentation. Step-by-step how to create presentations from start to finish including the setting up of charts, slides, graphs, and effects will all be demonstrated using advanced features.                                                                     


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:                   

  • Become a confident speaker, regardless of the topic or audience
  • Write, edit and organize a presentation with ease
  • Identify the needs and goals of any audience
  • Present your information in a relaxed and natural style
  • Enhance your eye contact to project your voice and engage your audience
  • Balance your physical energy to demonstrate power and poise
  • Increase your credibility by delivering a benefits-oriented presentation
  • Communicate effectively and engage your virtual audience


  • Proffesionals communicators
  • All those who wish to improve their presentation skills to a noticeable level using a strictly hands-on approach.
  • Sales
  • Business development or periodic presentations to senior management
  • Marketing Managers
  • Senior Managers


Synthesizing Information into a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Prepare for Presentation Outline & Framework
  • Determine Objectives and Key Messages
  • Conduct a brief Audience Analysis (approach)

Using Visuals for a more Effective Presentation

  • Define Slide Design & Concept
  • Implement effective charts and infographics
  • Understand the Power Point rule of thumb

Presenting with Impact

  • Understanding the Brain Mechanism (Golden Circle Theory) + AIDA Model (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action)
  • Prepare to Speak and Overcome anxiety
  • Prepare for the whole look (body language, gesture, eye contact, etc.)

Body language in a presentation

  • The hands, legs and the eyes
  • To move or to stay put
  • Tips for effective body positioning
  • Guidelines for animating the legs and hands
  • Characteristics of captivating verbal delivery
  • Avoiding clichés and euphemisms
  • The dangers of smart casual
  • Dress and appearance: what are the rules

Visual aids

  • Use of objects and props for visual impact
  • Hand-outs: when and how to circulate them
  • Secrets and techniques for using flip charts
  • Pictures and images: the trends today
  • PowerPoint: what every presenter should know