Customer Service Professional Course

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At the end of the program, each participant will have the knowledge and understanding of the customer service excellence, with which they develop the excellent service mentality required by them to gain high quality performance, when they deliver services to their customers. Further




The participant is expected to do the followings:


·         Realize the importance of customer services, and how the service delivered meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation

·         Recognize the importance of becoming educated in the area of customer service.

·         Recognize the relationship between poor service and customer loyalty

·         Practice techniques for building relationship with customers

·         Calculate the time, financial, and quality impact of fixing a mistake

·         Successfully use the STARS approach to keeping valuable customers

·         Be flexible and creative in adapting to customers’ requests

·         Learn to deal effectively with irate and demanding customers

·         Understand how our service impacts into business success

·         Understand the importance of HR qualities and competencies in enhancing customer service excellence



All individuals wishing to develop the Customer Service Excellence Leadership Competencies   



Basic Concept of Customer Service Excellence

  • Excellence means
  • Customer means
  • Service means


Service Excellence and the Principles

  • Evolution of Service
  • Who Are Your Customers?


Who Are Involved in the Service?

  • Three Important Aspects of the Service
  • Moments of Truth
  • Reasons Why Our Customers Move
  • In Search of Excellence
  • Your Cycle of Service
  • Why Is Providing Service Important?


Service Begins With You

  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Behavior Breeds Behavior
  • Looking at Self Talk
  • Remaining in Control
  • How You Communicate With Customers


Establishing Rapport

  • Ask Appropriate Questions
  • Seeing the Customer’s Point of View


Service Standards

  • Service Excellence: Providing Five Star Service
  • Doing Things Right the First Time
  • Exceeding the Customer’s Expectation
  • Adapt to Customers’ Requests
  • Say No Effectively
  • Develop Successful Recovery Skills


Difficult Service Situations

  • The Indifferent Customer
  • Irate Customer Behavior
  • Demanding Customer behavior


Service Leadership

  • Service Formula
  • Service Leadership Competency: Communication and Behavior


Building Our Future: Our Service Tower

Perception Walk: Perception Point, Perception Mapping

Action Plan: A Commitment to Improve Service In Our Company