Presentation & Negotiation Skills for Sales People in Digital Era Course

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This course has direct application for complex transactions in your professional life, right through communication skills, negotiation skills, and meeting and presentation skills. Business professionals of all levels are called upon to lead a variety of everyday “presentations” in the form of customer meetings, interviews, status updates, project debriefs, Board presentations, training events and an endless variety of other important things. Through attending this uniquely combined skills, participants will gain practical ideas and techniques of enhancing their challenging communications, building positive relationships, and meeting their needs for professional growth, including developing and delivering a persuasive presentation.




·            Apply proven principles of persuasion and influence to ensure win-win outcomes

·            Improve the results of your negotiations by following key principles and procedures

·            Recognise different behavioural types and learn ways to relate better to others

·            Understand and utilise key communication tools to improve your influence on others

·            Integrate, combine and apply a range of value adding communication, persuasion and negotiation skills




This training session is a ‘must’ for all managers and professionals and everyone whose job involves communicating with, and influencing, other people





·         Skills of assertive communication

·         Negotiation

·         Dealing with aggressive and submissive behavior

Negotiation process and principles

·         Understanding key principles of successful negotiation

·         Examining the negotiation process 

·         Implementing principled negotiation | Developing procedures for preparation

·         Uncovering interests and objectives: finding out what the other party wants and needs and bringing your interests alive

·         Identifying your own and others’ behavior styles in the negotiation context

Meeting skills / management

·         Clarification of roles: chairperson/facilitator

·         Types of meeting

·         Key attributes of an effective meeting leader

·         Process for the preparation/follow up of a successful meting

·         Decision modes

·         Preparing the opening address to a meeting

·         Assertiveness techniques for developing authority: tone and body language

·         Managing common problems faced during meetings

Presentation Skills

·         Introduction

·         The presentation requirements

·         Dealing with nervousness and stage fright

·         Using effective visual aids

·         Key to attract people and keep their interest high

      Presentation practice