In House Training Program Offer

No Course Title Download Link
1 Achievement Motivation & Fostering Service Mindset Download
2 Adani Team Building Download
3 Administrative Professional Skills Download
4 Advanced Leadership Development Program Download
5 Advanced Negotiation Skills Download
6 Advanced Presentation and Negotiations Skills Download
7 Advanced PSC Accounting and Financial Aspect in Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Download
8 Asesor Kompetensi Download
9 Assertive Communication and Negotiation Skills Download
10 Assertive Communication Skills, Excellent Work Behavior and Proactivity Download
11 Basic Application of Electronic Document Management Download
12 Basic Communication Skills Download
13 Basic Fire Fighting Download
14 Basic Leadership Training Download
15 Basic Management Skills Download
16 Basic Office Management & Effective Administration Download
17 Basic Sales Training Download
18 Becoming a Super Stars Sales Download
19 Becoming Highly Effective Professionals Download
20 Behavioral Interview Download
21 Bisnis Inkubasi Download
22 Budgeting and Taxation Download
23 Building Strategic Working and Building Partnership Download
24 Building Team Effectiveness and Communication Download
25 Business Communication Download
26 Business English Speaking and Writing Download
27 Business Presentation Skills Download
28 Business Sense and Profitability Focus Download
29 Business Writing and Presentation Skills Training for Supervisors Download
30 Career Management Download
31 Change Management Download
32 Character Building and Boosting Self Confidence Download
33 Character Building and Boosting Self Confidence for Achieving Peak Performance Download
34 Coaching and Counselling Download
35 Communicate and Convince Download
36 Communication and Negotiation Skills Download
37 Communication Skills Download
38 Communication Skills and Motivation Session Download
39 Compensation and Benefits, Hubungan Industrial dan Ketenagakerjaan Download
40 Compensation System Development Download
41 Competencies Development for Single Contributor Download
42 Competitive Intelligence Download
43 Conducting Process Audits to VDA 6.3 Download
44 Confined Space Download
45 Continuous Improvement Download
46 Contract Administration Download
47 Contract Management Download
48 Contract Risk and Contractor Performances Management Download
49 Controlling and Achieving the Target Download
50 Corporate B2B Selling Skills Download
51 Corporate Selling Skills Download
52 Corporate Strategic Planning Consulting Download
53 Corporate Value Induction Program Download
54 Cost Control for Engineers Download
55 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Download
56 Creating Excellent and Exceptional Customer Experience Download
57 Creative and Innovative Thinking Download
58 Creative Thinking and Business Progress Improvement Skills Download
59 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Download
60 Customer Service Training Download
61 Dasar dan Aplikasi Hukum & Humas di Bidang Kesehatan Download
62 Delegation Skills Download
63 Design Thinking Download
64 Developing Coaching and Counselling Skills Download
65 Developing Consulting Skills for HR People Download
66 Developing Effective Contract Scope and Contracting Strategy Download
67 Developing Effective Habits toward Excellent Supervisors and Managers Download
68 Developing Essential Leadership Skills and Competencies for Managers and GM Download
69 Developing Essential Skills Download
70 Developing High Performing Team Download
71 Developing Leadership Skills Download
72 Developing Leadership, Winning Mindset and Motivation Download
73 Developing the Habits of Effectiveness for Excellence Download
74 Developing the Next Generations for Leaders Download
75 Developing Winning Mindset and Attitude Download
76 Developing Program for MT Download
77 Dynamic Time Management and Stress Management Handling Skills Download
78 E-Filling Document and Management System Download
79 Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills Download
80 Effective Communication and Leadership Skills Download
81 Effective Conceptual and Analytical Thinking Skills Download
82 Effective in Time Management, Managing Work-land and Multi Tasking Download
83 Effective Interviewing Skills Download
84 Effective Leadership and Management Skills Download
85 Effective Manager for People Management Download
86 Effective Meeting Management Download
87 Effective Mentoring Skills Download
88 Effective Negotiation Skills for Managers Download
89 Effective Presentation and Public Speaking Download
90 Effective Supervisory Skills Download
91 Effective Team Work Download
92 Effective Training Needs Analysis Download
93 Effective Warehouse Management Download
94 Effective Writing Course Download
95 Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Download
96 Essential Selling and Communication Skills for Maximum Results Download
97 Essential Skills and Personal Effectiveness for Secretary and Admin Assistant Download
98 Essential Skills and Techniques to Achieve Sales Target Download
99 Essential Skills for Workplace Communication Download
100 Electronic Filling and Document Management Download
101 Essential Leadership and Management Download
102 Event Organizer Download
103 Excellence in Purchasing, Contract Management and Service Specification Writing Download
104 Excellent Personal Brand & Administrative Skills Download
105 Executive Search and Recruitment Service Download
106 Export Import Download
107 Feedback and Coaching Skills Download
108 Finance and Accounting for Business Download
109 Finance for Non Finance Professionals Download
110 Financial Aspect and Budgeting for Oil and Gas Download
111 Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Download
112 FINON Download
113 Follow-Up and Problem Solving Download
114 Fostering Service Mindset Download
115 Freight Forwardnig Download
116 Fundamental Leadership for Managers Download
117 G2G Leadership Program Download
118 Gap Generation Synergy Download
119 Genetic Technical Competencies Development Program Download
120 Good to Great Leaders Program Download
121 Great Leadership Download
122 Grooming and Table Manner Download
123 Group Coaching Download
124 Growing Individual Contributors into Effective Leaders Download
125 Handling Customer Complaint Download
126 High Flyers Leadership Program Download
127 High Impact Communication Skills Download
128 High Impact Presentation Skills Download
129 Hiring the Best People Download
130 Holistic Communcation Download
131 HR Competency Development Program Download
132 HR Development Download
133 HRM Download
134 HSEE Sharing Session and HSEE Annual Book Download
135 ICT Department Team Building Dept. Download
136 Implementasi SMK3 Download
137 Incoterm - Export Import Download
138 Indonesia Fiscal System and Gross Split Model Download
139 Indonesia PSC, TAC, KSO, JOB and JOA Agreement Download
140 Inner-Self Healing - Hypnotherapy Download
141 Integrated Procurement Program Download
142 Intermediate Management Training Download
143 Intermediate Tax Training on Import Tax and Duty Download
144 Intermediate Tax Training on Tax Treaty Download
145 Interpersonal Skills Download
146 Introduction to Coal Mining Industry (A-Z) in Indonesia Download
147 Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry Download
148 ISO 2001 2015 Quality Management System Consultancy Download
149 ISO 9001 2015 Download
150 IT Project Management Download
151 Job Grading and Designing Salary Download
152 Key Performance Indicator (Balanced Scorecard) Download
153 Land Transportation Management Download
154 Leader as a Coach Download
155 Leadership Development for Change Agent Download
156 Leadership and Communication Skills for Supervisors Download
157 Leadership Academy Competency Download
158 Leadership and Communication Skills Download
159 Leadership and Interpersonal Skills for Area and regional Head Download
160 Leadership and Managerial Skills Download
161 Leadership and Motivation Skills Download
162 Leadership and People Management for Managers Download
163 Leadership Development Program Download
164 Leadership, Communication and Problem Solving Download
165 Leadership, People Management and Communication Skills Download
166 Leadership, Communication and Team Collaboration Download
167 Leadership, Critical Thinking and Innovation Download
168 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Download
169 Legal, Financial and Taxation Aspect of Indonesia Production Sharing Contract Download
170 Leveling-Up Secretaries Mindset, Innovation and Self Transforming Download
171 Lobbying, Negotiation and Influencing Skills Download
172 Logical and Innovative Thinking Download
173 Management Stratejic Download
174 Management Training and Developent Download
175 Management Training Program: Supervisory Skills Development Download
176 Managing and Communicating with Millennial in the Workplace Download
177 Managing Conflict and Handling Difficult People Download
178 Managing People for Supervisors and Managers or Leader Download
179 Managing Project Documents Download
180 Managing Supply Chain Aligning Corporate Strategy with Supply Chain Strategy Download
181 Manpower Planning, Job Analysis, Position Restructuring and Work Load Management Download
182 Market Intelligence and Analysis Download
183 Maximizing Self Potential Download
184 Mentoring and Coaching Skills for Superintendents and Managers Download
185 Mentoring Skills Download
186 Mentoring, Coaching and Counselling Download
187 Mind Mapping for Marketing Download
188 Mind Power Revolution Download
189 Motivation Session in Entering Digital Age Download
190 Negotiation and Selling Skills Download
191 Negotiation Skills Download
192 Negotiation Skills for Procurement, Purchasing and Business Development Download
193 Networking and Relationship Building Download
194 Neuro Linguistic Programming for Leadership Download
195 Non-Managerial Level Development Program Download
196 Oil and Gas Project Management, Risk Planning and Mitigation Download
197 Oil and Gas Surface Production Operation Facilities & Maintenance and Supervisory Skills Development Download
198 Outbound and Team Building Download
199 Outdoor Team Building Activities Download
200 Payroll Management and Administration System Download
201 PDCA Continuous Improvement Download
202 Pelatihan K3 Listrik Download
203 Pelatihan Leadership and Management Skills untuk Manager Muda Download
204 Pemahaman Perlindungan dan Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup Download
205 Pencegahan Tindak Pemalsuan Tulisan Tangan, Tanda Tangan dan Pemalsuan Dokumen (Grafonomi) Download
206 Pengenalan dan Pemahaman AMDAL untuk Bankir Download
207 Peningkatan Motivasi Download
208 Peningkatan Semangat Kerja dengan Kekuatan dan Kehebatan dari Nilai Diri di Tempat Kerja Download
209 Penyusunan Dokumen Kontrak dan Proses Pengadaan Barang & Jasa Download
210 Penyusunan Konsep dan Kurikulum Program Pengembangan Kepemimpinan Download
211 People Management Download
212 Personal Masteri, Interpersonal Relationship and Leadership Skills Download
213 Persuasive Communication with Selling and Negotiation Skills Download
214 Perundingan Perjanjian Kerjasama Download
215 Petroleum (Fuel) Bunker Practice Download
216 Petroleum Economics and Investment Decision Making Download
217 Petroleum Engineering s for Non Engineers Download
218 Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing Download
219 POD, AFE and WP&B based on PSC Aspects Download
220 POD, WP&B, FQR and AFE Concept in PSC Download
221 Powerful Character Building Download
222 Preparing and Leading in the Digital Age Download
223 Presentation and Communication Skills Download
224 Problem Solving and Decision Making Download
225 Procurement or Purchasing & Logistic Management Download
226 Procurement Management Download
227 Production Sharing Contract (PSC) System and Aspects Download
228 Professional Development for Secretary and Personal Assistant Download
229 Professional Image and Grooming Download
230 Professional Skills Download
231 Program Pengembangan Kepemimipnan Tahun 2017 Download
232 Project Leadership Download
233 Project Management Download
234 Project Risk Management for Oil and Gas Download
235 Provision of Training Facilitator on CDFL Download
236 PSC Accounting, Budgeting, Reporting and Taxation Download
237 PSC Cost Recovery and Taxation Update Download
238 PTK 007 Buku 3 optimalisasi Pengelolaan Asset KKS Sebagai Bagaian dari Pengelolaan Barang Milik Negara Download
239 PTVI Leadership Academy Competency Download
240 Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection for Managers and General Managers Download
241 Re-energize and Re-focus HR Managers Mindset Download
242 Regulasi Perpajakan di indonesia Download
243 Revolutionary of Mentality, Emotional and Spiritual Engagement Download
244 Risk Management in Quality Health Safety Management (CHSE) Download
245 Sales Communication and Presentation Download
246 Sales Management and Salesmanship Skills Download
247 Sales Motivation Download
248 Secretarial and Administrative Skills, Document Management & Service Excellence for Administrative Professionals Download
249 Selling and Negotiation Skills Download
250 Service Excellence Download
251 Smart Tele Service Excellence Download
252 Strategic Alignment and Visions Establishment Download
253 Strategic Assessment and FGD Download
254 Strategic Decision and Innovation Download
255 Strategic Human Resources and Management Download
256 Strategic Planning and Implementation Download
257 Strategic Planning in Oil and Gas Industry Download
258 Strategic Review, Analysis and Recommendation for Developing E-Learning Download
259 Strategic Thinking and Change Management Download
260 Structure Writing Skills Development Download
261 Structured Report Writing Download
262 Supervisory Development Program Download
263 Taking Initiative and Proactive Leadership Download
264 Talent and Competencies Assessment Download
265 Talent Management Download
266 Team Collaboration Synergy Activites Download
267 Team Development Synergy and Agent of Change Download
268 The Essential Role of Supervisor in Managing and Developing People Download
269 The Leadership Development Roadmap Download
270 TNA Development Consultation Download
271 Top Down Communication for Organizational Performace Download
272 Train the Trainer Download
273 Transforming and Managing the Organization and Leadership Download
274 Turbine Maintenance and Troubleshooting Download
275 Understanding and Implementing ISO 140001 2015 Download
276 Understanding and Implementing ISO 9001 2015 Download
277 Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations Download
278 Understanding Financial Statement for Non Finance Executives Download
279 Warehouse Management and Inventory Control Download
280 Warehouse Operations and Management Download
281 Waste Water Treatment (WWT) System Download
282 Workforce Planning & Developing Workforce Requirements for Business Performance and Productivity Download
283 Workforce as a Team Download
284 Writing Skills for Effective Communication Training Download